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O, Come, Little Children | Christmas Songs For Kids

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O, Come, Little Children | Christmas Songs For Kids

Written by: Alexa Dark

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'O, Come, Little Children' is a wonderful Christmas carol to sing with your family! This is a great one to use to help children learn worship songs.

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O come little children
O come one and all
To Bethlehem’s stable in Bethlehem’s stall,
And see with rejoicing this glorious sight
Our Father in heaven has sent us this night.

O see in the manger in hallowed light
A star throws its beam on this holiest sight
In clean swaddling clothes lays the heavenly child
More lovely than angels this baby so mild

Oh there lays the Christ-child
On hay and on straw
The shepherds are kneeling before Him with awe
And Mary and Joseph smile on Him with love
While angels are singing sweet songs from above.


Lyrics by: Christoph von Schmid, Melanie Schulte, Johann A. P. Schulz

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