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Teaching Religious Symbolism in Modern Literature Teaching Religious Symbolism in Modern Literature

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Teaching Religious Symbolism in Modern Literature

Written by: Cherin

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There has been a lot of debate about displaying religious symbols at school – or teaching religion altogether. But, things have changed drastically over the years. We once considered teaching anything remotely related to religion taboo. Yet, as we progressed, many educational institutions today sought to include them in the curriculum in their efforts toward holistic education. This is a big step forward. But, how can we help make studying them better? How can students better understand world religions? Religious understanding and tolerance are vital for the youth to learn about.

Teaching Students Religious Modernist Themes in Literature

As we progress from Shakespearean to modern-day literature where pop-culture nuances and social contemporary issues take the front seat, picking up religious symbols and themes isn’t as simple as before. And yet, they are expected to write a paper about it. After stressing and fumbling about it, they complete the paper only to realize they didn’t do well. What’s the issue?

Instead of throwing them into the lion’s den, there are a few helping handles we can provide. For one, instead of assigning them research papers immediately, we. can provide online essay banks where they can download free essays about literary genres that cover religious symbolism and theme. This can better equip them in understanding how to write a research paper. They can incorporate materials to help the student such as online resources, lectures, and books with Christian themes for them to read and learn from. By being provided with religious literature, students can gain a deeper understanding of what the symbols are. In return, it will be simpler for them to interpret and analyze literature and detect themes about faith and religion.

Improving the Understanding of Religious Symbolism in Literature

Improving their understanding of this topic is vital and imminent in today’s society. However, it is not an easy task to do. We need to prepare educators to share and talk about religion boldly. They should share this material with young minds without making misconceptions or offending anyone. 

Educators need to learn how religion should be taught as a subject in school, which is a work in progress since it hasn’t been one for centuries. Only when they are acquainted with the subject and methods of teaching can they transfer this knowledge to the students. They can also bring in guest speakers that are highly familiar with the religion, and act as moderators while the speakers educate the students.

In some states around the world, religious courses are required for high school students. In others, teachers have never been trained in this subject, so they don’t know what to teach or how to teach it. It all starts with educators, followed by using methods to interest and properly educate students on the matter.

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