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6 Best Universities for Religious Studies 6 Best Universities for Religious Studies

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6 Best Universities for Religious Studies

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Planning to pursue the road not taken: a degree in religious studies? Read on to find out the best universities for you to do so.

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Without any doubt, religious studies have never been the most obvious degree choice for young people. Still, according to studies, the number of students who enroll in such programs has risen by 50% since 2003. Why?

Why Should You Major in Religious Studies

Experts claim that there are several benefits to earning a degree like this. First and foremost, it provides a path to a liberal education. There’s no secret that religion has always been one of the most powerful forces in our world. Thus, studying it in college can help you gain a deep understanding of the complex relationship between religion and other fields like science, economics, and politics.

That said, It’s worth noting that studying religion isn’t easy. This field is very extensive and challenging. As such, many students who major in it request paper writer assistance regularly to keep their grades up and get through college with ease. But the effort truly pays off. You might not know this, but this degree offers a pretty extensive career outlook. The jobs you can land with it include:

  • Teacher;
  • Missionary;
  • Charity officer in a religious non-profit;
  • Chaplain;
  • Youth director;
  • Police officer;
  • Technical writer;
  • Law;
  • Fundraising;
  • Diplomacy/United Nations, etc.

As you can see, the opportunities are broad. But where do you study a major like this? If you decide that this field is right for you, read on, and we will give you a list of the top six schools in the US to major in religious studies in 2023!

Yale University

This school doesn’t need any further presentation. We bet that each of you has heard about it as one of the oldest and most respected ones in the world. But did you know that it has a separate Department of Religious Studies? This department was established (in its current form) back in 1963 and is now one of the leading scholarly communities in the university. The faculty offers students to research religions from all over the world to understand their role in textual traditions, social movements, and other fields. This department also maintains strong bonds with other school departments and offers rich resources for students, including one of the world’s finest libraries.

Duke University

If you wish to study religious studies at Duke University, buckle up. The ride is going to be long and arduous yet, more fulfilling than ever. Duke University is one of the best Christian colleges and universities in the US. Here, they explore ideas of religion and its impact on ancient and modern cultures. It covers a wide range of areas. And it also discovers the relationships between the church and other fields like business, journalism, politics, and many others. According to the school’s representatives, this program helps students gain a sense of their place in a global society. Furthermore, it provides them with a perspective to navigate any career path of their choice. So it’s a great option if you want to major in this sector.

Harvard University

Indeed, there is no school more famous than this one. For decades, Harvard was the leader in the sector thanks to its high standards of education and the unique opportunities it offers to its students. The Religion program is a part of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Currently, it’s one of the leading programs in the US. It covers 14 areas of study, many research areas, and 10 methodological approaches. Within this program, students can gain an understanding of the world’s different religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and much more.

Columbia University

Finally, the last option on our list is a reputable Columbia University. This top-rated school also has a dedicated Department of Religion that welcomes students who want to study this discipline. The program is deservedly called one of the best ones in the US. It covers a variety of study and research areas and offers you to receive a BA, MA, or even Ph.D. degree in this subject. Likewise, the quality of education here is beyond all expectations. 

Princeton University

The next option worth mentioning on our list is Princeton University. Along with Yale, Harvard, and Duke, it’s widely known for its high academic standards and rigorous programs. The Department of Religion at this university is also considered one of the best ones in the country. The program covers a wide range of fields, including religions of different nations, as well as philosophy, ethics, politics, and antiquity. Undoubtedly, acquiring a degree in this school will give you plenty of benefits. Apart from the excellent and in-depth program, you will gain access to a variety of great resources and post-graduation career paths.

Rice University

The next place to study this subject is the well-known Rice University. According to Rice’s Department of Religion, it doesn’t matter how spiritual you are. Whatever we think of it, this discipline is a very big deal as it shapes the communities we live in and the people we are. The department was founded in 1968 with the mission to educate people on this subject matter and help the young generation build a better world around themselves. The program covers a wide range of subjects and cultures, helping students gain an in-depth outlook on this discipline.

The Bottom Line

It might not be the most popular major choice for students. Still, religion has always been (and will remain) one of the most important sciences in human lives. Throughout the entire history of humanity, this subject affected the cultures, traditions, and other spheres of human lives. Thus, studying it in college makes pretty good sense if you want to learn more about our world and expand your career outlook.

If you are looking to gain a degree in religious studies, now you have a list of the best options available out there. Use this article as your guide for choosing the right school and program for you!

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