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Why Should You Join A Bible Study Fellowship Why Should You Join A Bible Study Fellowship

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Why Should You Join A Bible Study Fellowship

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A Bible study fellowship can be the lifechanging decision you can ever agree to. Here's everything you need to know about joining.

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You can be in a season of your life where everything is going in accordance with how you want it to be or it can be the opposite of perfect. Possibly, many of us are suffering from the loud voices of the world or the screaming silence of our minds. Either way, to function in our optimum spiritual and overall wellness, we have to surround ourselves with the correct community. The Bible is our strength as believers of God. Because some earthly, sin-inducing factors are driving us away, we need a community to remind us to walk in faith and to keep us accountable. If you are looking for spiritual aid or overall happiness and fulfillment, a Bible study fellowship is what you are looking for.

What Is A Bible Study Fellowship?

Put simply, a Bible study fellowship is a group of people pursuing the same field of interest or belief. Basically, it is a fellowship that puts the Bible as its main focus or aims to guide their spiritual faith. Most fellowships are pursuing the academic and creative fields. However, a bible study fellowship does more than studying or brainstorming. It is a personal exploration of the Word of God while seeking inspiration, accountability, and motivation from other believers.

For many people, their local bible study fellowship is like their second family next to their actual family. This is expected considering how open, creative, and peaceful Bible study fellowships are. As accountability and support in faith are needed, these like-minded Christians create a close relationship with each other. In other areas, these fellowships are synonymous with organizations. For example, universities have Bible study fellowship organizations where students can use their time studying the Bible together while at the same time, going out for charitable missions. But, this is just a general scope of what a bible fellowship study is. If you want to know more, here are reasons to participate in this uplifting journey that will change the way you see God, His Words, and His community.

Reasons to Engage in a Bible Study Fellowship

If you are looking for a sign or a reason to join a Bible study fellowship – This is everything you need to know:

  • It’s The Best Way To Study The Bible

Studying the Bible most effectively comes with two steps. First, you have to establish a deep relationship between you and God through Bible reading and prayer. Now, this is the step people usually end with. While a personal and genuine relationship with God is the most important way of knowing His Words – We can maximize this more.

Here’s something very important; the Bible talks about the same God with the same values but, with different perspectives from those who are learning from it. For example, a person who is rising against a big financial loss or academic frustration sees Bible verses differently. The Bible as we perceive it is just a single version of how we can apply it in our lives. So, let’s not end at our own perspectives but also try to see the lessons God’s Word implies for others. In this way, we get to witness a wider scope of how God works differently in other people’s lives.

You can also use essay writing services to help you better dissect the Bible and study it more in-depth.

  • There’s Always Something New

The Bible has over 700,000 words and 3 million letter characters depending on which version we use. Within that length, you are going to encounter numerous beautiful stories, commandments, parables, lessons, and promises. Studying alone can help you see the Bible in a personal stance while connecting it to whatever season you are in. But, being in a Bible study fellowship means that you will never run out of anything new to learn when it comes to the Word of God.

Most fellowships are spearheaded by religious leaders and youth advocates with very interesting stories that can help shift how you see your life. You can also expand how you appreciate the Lord as you see how He works for students, employees, parents, teachers, and other kinds of people. If you struggle with connecting the dots in the Bible, these people can really help you out. Learning the Bible from how you see it is a personal exploration. But, seeing from a different point f view is also an emotional and spiritual opportunity for growth.

  • It Helps With Emotional Strength

When we face stress or other forms of emotional distress, we tend to forget the bigger picture. What this is pointing out is our tendency to forget God’s presence when we are put to the test. Often, we question and doubt our paths as if God’ can’t lift all our worries and problems with ease. Experts say that handling emotional distress means finding a good outlet. There is an emphasis on “good” as others might feel the need to engage in immoral and self-destructing methods. These actions are said to be influenced by who they surround themselves with.

With a Bible study fellowship, you can obtain an emotional release by sharing your feelings and engaging with the group. At the same time, these people are going to keep you right on track so you can be reminded of God’s Mercy and Love. No matter how strong a person is, we need reminders for important truths we tend to forget amidst pressure. For emotional strength, you need the right people with the right mindset. This is exactly the people you are going to surround yourself with inside a Bible study fellowship.

  • Accountability

Experts observed how having a roommate forces someone to clean their things up every day in comparison to not having one. This is because it triggers a sense of responsibility or accountability. The presence of another person in a room reminds us to act accordingly. When we are left alone, we can choose not to be tidy or considerate since no one is watching. This holds a very important role in our Christian lives.

We need people who we can trust to remind and point our lapses when we are on the verge of committing sin. A Bible study fellowship is not just a community where people read the Bible – it is a group of people who are trying their very best to meet God’s standards. And this is why every member needs the other. Also, you need a community that does not tolerate you from harming yourself and your relationship with God. This is the type of interaction that wants you to grow better as a person. Of course, it is a plus to be able to vent out our frustrations in front of people who share the same core values as we do. By doing this, they may give us moral support and advice. We all have our bad days but, it’s always better to spend these bad days with good people.

  • Gaining Teachers And Friends

Aside from being a God-centered community, fellowships are about friendship. You can have the opportunity of meeting new people that have the same spiritual goals that you do. Sometimes, looking for friends with similar interests can be a challenge. But, a Christian fellowship is a group of people who have already established their ambition towards seeking God. This leaves out the anxiety of worrying about whether or not you can “click” with these people.

Also, members of fellowships become your friends and your teachers at the same time! You can always ask them questions about the Bible or even hold you accountable for anything you’ve done. Friendships formed inside a fellowship are mutually grounded on the same emotional and spiritual foundation. People in these groups know that they are always here for each other not merely as friends but, as God’s people tied by His will and grace.

  • It Helps With Confidence

Bible study fellowships explore God while discovering oneself. By studying the Bible, fellowships usually engage in related activities that can help you hone your intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Other people have the fear of public speaking can resolve this problem by interacting with more people through studying the bible. It also helps with improving one’s leadership skills and overall character. This is to be expected for the more you interact, the better you get at it. Of course, the wholehearted support of the community and the great cause which is God are the primary reasons why these happen.

  • More Memories

Bible sharing does not end within the four corners of a room. Upon joining, you are going to be encouraged to meet more people and partake in many events. This includes activities such as Bible verse interpretation activities, film viewings, community dinners, and much more. What people seem to misinterpret when learning the Word of God is that it is limited only within the pages of the Bible.

There are times in which we can see Him in other believers. God is present when people gather to worship and praise His Name Matthew 18:20). God appears when people are able to cherish His Words by each other’s company. “Fun” is an understatement for joining a Bible study group. It’s not just amusing or entertaining, it allows you to grow spiritually, socially, and emotionally by building memories you cannot see within your usual circle. If surrounding people is fun, imagine how fulfilling it is to be with people surrounding each other for God!

  • Unfolds Life’s Greatest Lessons

“Purpose” is a frightening word. As a matter of fact, searching for it is one of the most common problems for today’s youth. This problem is heightened by the unreachable portrayal of social media and other societal problems. But, being able to counter this existing phenomenon with a well-balanced community with good intent and camaraderie is a chance to cancel these hindrances. A Bible study fellowship might sound like a mere membership at first but it stems to a higher purpose. When we engage ourselves in God’s purpose, we see our purpose in life.

As stated earlier, fellowships like these elevate God’s Church. When we see ourselves doing acts for God, we see where He is leading us. For instance, youth leaders say that they had a clearer idea of what program they wanted to take for College after actively participating. The same goes for people who decided to write, sing, or perform for God after they learned more about Him. Joining this season of one’s life equates to them entering a journey on hearing and acting towards what God wants to communicate. After all, fellowships like these are all about God and His people.

  • It Reveals God More

It comes as a given that the more you read about God, the more you know God. This is true but, there’s more to that in this context. God is within our community. He lives inside the hearts of His people and radiates through their acts and encouragement. Have you ever experienced feeling anxious after a test because the entire class is also nervous? Have you ever felt so much excitement over a movie because everyone around you is as thrilled?

It goes the same for God. If you are surrounded by people who feel thankful, loved, and cared for by God, you are going to experience the same thing. You can learn more about God from other people’s adventures and testimonies. You can feel Him and His love from moments when other people felt His love too! And it goes the same way for other people, our lives as God’s creations are lessons other people can learn from.

Where Can I Find A Bible Study Fellowship?

Where should you begin? It’s a lot easier than you think! It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are from. There are many ways where you can join a Bible study fellowship at this moment. Here are some of the ways you can join:

Search Your Location

If you want a fellowship group near you, your first step is searching for one around your current location. Through the internet, search the keywords “Bible study group” or “Bible study fellowship” so you can see the availability and locations of these groups. If you are already active in Church-related organizations, you can ask your leaders if they know of any active bible study fellowship groups. Also, it is most likely that the church you attend already has multiple bible study groups you can choose to join.  An alternative you can try for free is this link where you can enter your city and search for any active fellowships.

Online Groups via Website

The Internet now offers communication more than ever and we can use this to our benefit. You can look up for online groups via websites to see if there are any existing groups within your area or not. If you are worried about the availability of these groups within your area, you can always opt for an online group. Actually, most of the Bible study groups today are done online! (Don’t worry, the experience is just as great as it is in person!)

Online Groups via Facebook

If you are active on Facebook, this is a great opportunity for you to find your online group. There are other established groups you can ask to join. Or, you can look upon “Facebook Groups” for other Bible study groups you can join. All of these are excellent options to meet more people. A benefit of joining online is how you can interact with other believers not just from your city or even country!


Technology has evolved so much that you can “install” a Bible study online fellowship straight to your phone. The App Store or the Google Play Store offers numerous Bible study tools you can use to interact with people while learning about God. A benefit you can get from these is customization. You can easily personalize what time you are going to join and receive notifications to remind you daily. If you choose this step, you have to make sure the application is active in terms of connecting people so you can interact better.

Starting Your Own

If you want to not join but, to create your own Bible study group – No one is stopping you! You can start from scratch by inviting your children, family members, or friends to allot time for the Lord. Aside from spending time for God, you can use this as an opportunity to know your loved ones better.

Taking The Next Step

Joining a Bible study fellowship is a step towards a marvelous, life-changing decision. Constantly, we are seeking for ways to hear the voice of our Lord more. We should give ourselves and other people a chance to help us improve in this area. A simple membership to a lifetime benefit is always a better option. Remember that where God is, happiness follows.

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