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20 Prayers Against Evil 20 Prayers Against Evil


20 Prayers Against Evil

Written by: Daniel Gallik

Discover 20 powerful prayers to protect against evil and bring peace to your life. Strengthen your faith with these essential prayers.

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1. Prayer for Protection from Evil

Heavenly Father, I come before You seeking Your divine protection. Shield me from all forms of evil and darkness. Surround me with Your angels, and let Your light shine upon me. Guard my heart, mind, and soul from any harm. I trust in Your power and love to keep me safe. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

2. Prayer to Overcome Temptation

Lord Jesus, You know the struggles I face daily. Help me to resist the temptations that lead me away from Your path. Strengthen my spirit and give me the wisdom to make righteous choices. Let Your Holy Spirit guide me in moments of weakness. I rely on Your strength. Amen.

3. Prayer for Deliverance from Evil Spirits

Almighty God, I ask for Your deliverance from any evil spirits that may be oppressing me. In the name of Jesus, I command them to leave and never return. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Thank You for Your power and mercy. Amen.

4. Prayer for Spiritual Warfare

Lord of Hosts, I engage in spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness. Equip me with the armor of God to stand firm against the enemy. Let Your Word be my sword and faith my shield. Protect me from all attacks and give me victory in Your name. Amen.

5. Prayer for Strength in Battle

Mighty God, I need Your strength to face the battles before me. Empower me with courage and resilience. Let Your presence be my fortress and Your love my refuge. I trust in Your power to see me through every challenge. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

6. Prayer for Cleansing and Purification

Holy Father, cleanse me from all impurities and evil influences. Purify my heart, mind, and soul. Wash me with the blood of Jesus and make me whole. Let Your Holy Spirit renew me and fill me with Your love and peace. Amen.

7. Prayer for Breaking Curses

Lord Jesus, I break every curse spoken over my life in Your mighty name. I declare freedom from generational curses and any evil words. Replace them with Your blessings and favor. Thank You for setting me free. Amen.

8. Prayer for Divine Intervention

Heavenly Father, I seek Your divine intervention in my life. Remove any evil obstacles hindering my progress. Open doors of opportunity and guide my steps. Let Your will be done in my life. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

9. Prayer for Peace and Protection

Prince of Peace, grant me peace in the midst of chaos. Protect me from all forms of evil and harm. Let Your peace guard my heart and mind. I trust in Your protection and love. Amen.

10. Prayer for Wisdom and Discernment

Lord, grant me wisdom and discernment to recognize and avoid evil. Help me to make decisions that honor You. Let Your Holy Spirit guide me in all my ways. I rely on Your wisdom. Amen.

11. Prayer for Healing from Evil Attacks

Heavenly Healer, I seek Your healing from any evil attacks on my body, mind, or spirit. Restore me to full health and strength. Let Your healing power flow through me. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

12. Prayer for Family Protection

Lord, I lift up my family to You. Protect us from all forms of evil and harm. Surround us with Your angels and let Your love bind us together. Keep us safe and united in Your grace. Amen.

13. Prayer for Breaking Addictions

Lord Jesus, I ask for Your help in breaking any addictions that have a hold on me. Free me from the chains of evil habits. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and give me the strength to overcome. Thank You for Your deliverance. Amen.

14. Prayer for Overcoming Fear

Lord, I come before You with my fears. Help me to overcome them with Your love and power. Let Your perfect love cast out all fear. I trust in Your protection and guidance. Amen.

15. Prayer for Guidance and Direction

Heavenly Father, I seek Your guidance and direction in my life. Lead me away from evil paths and into Your righteousness. Let Your Holy Spirit be my guide. I trust in Your wisdom. Amen.

16. Prayer for Inner Peace

Lord, grant me inner peace amidst the turmoil. Help me to focus on You and not on the evil around me. Let Your peace that surpasses all understanding guard my heart and mind. Amen.

17. Prayer for Strength to Forgive

Lord Jesus, give me the strength to forgive those who have wronged me. Help me to release any bitterness and anger. Let Your love fill my heart and guide me in forgiveness. Amen.

18. Prayer for Breaking Soul Ties

Lord, I break any unhealthy soul ties that bind me to evil influences. In Jesus' name, I sever these connections and ask for Your healing. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and restore my soul. Amen.

19. Prayer for Financial Protection

Heavenly Father, protect my finances from any evil schemes. Bless my efforts and provide for my needs. Let Your favor rest upon my work and investments. I trust in Your provision. Amen.

20. Prayer for Community Protection

Lord, I lift up my community to You. Protect us from all forms of evil and harm. Unite us in Your love and peace. Let Your presence be felt in our midst. Amen.

Standing Strong in Faith

Facing evil can be daunting, but with prayer, we find strength. These 20 prayers serve as a shield, helping us combat darkness with the light of our faith. Each prayer, a powerful tool, connects us to God's protection and guidance. By consistently praying, we build a spiritual fortress that evil cannot penetrate. Remember, faith isn't just about belief; it's about action. Use these prayers daily, and let them become part of your routine. They remind us that we're never alone in our struggles. God's love and power are always with us, ready to defend and uplift. So, keep praying, stay vigilant, and trust in His strength. Together, with faith and prayer, we stand strong against any evil that comes our way.

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