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Christian Blogs To Follow Before Writing a Religious Essay Christian Blogs To Follow Before Writing a Religious Essay

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Christian Blogs To Follow Before Writing a Religious Essay

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Find support and thought-provoking content on theology and Christian living in these amazing blogs and social media accounts.

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As the new year draws near, schools will reopen and the endless influx of assignments will restart. And most students struggle with essay writing, especially religious essays. Most struggle because of the complexity and intricacy of the topics. Sometimes, you may feel that a religious essay is like a labyrinth – a lot of twists and turns until you’re lost. 

As a Christian essay writer myself, I can fully grasp that feeling. Thus, I always turn to other influential writers in this craft to bounce off ideas and seek inspiration. But who? From blogs to social media accounts, here are some Christian authors to find everyday advice and thought-provoking theological ideas that can lend a helping hand to your essays, as well as your life. 

Influential Christian Blogs

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Some of the popular high-quality resources to follow and visit daily:


This Christian blog offers a complete and ever-growing library of free resources to help Christians and non-Christians alike. From theology to discipleship and Bible study materials, there are several articles that provide insights into controversial topics among Christians. 

Christianity Today Magazine

This global media ministry brings church news and evangelical conversation. CT addresses important issues and challenges Christians face in the modern world. From balanced on-the-ground reporting around the world to discussions encouraging you to love, serve, and advocate.

Desiring God

This resource addresses theological and everyday issues from musical worship to understanding God’s forgiveness and sympathy toward sinners. It makes for a wonderful regular reading for Christians of all ages.

The Gospel Coalition

TGC is a renowned organization for its union of evangelical and reformed churches. You can find published editorials, podcasts, and blogs by regular columnists on theology, ethics, history, and social problems with a Christian perspective and in-depth expert knowledge.


A leading platform for young Christians published in print and online, Relevant writes on faith, life, culture, current events, and justice. From handling your spiritual coming of age to celebrating Christmas when you’re hurting, find Christian answers to life’s questions.


An online Bible resource to help you study God’s Words. Here, you can learn about Christianity’s origin, history, and facts, and understand the meaning of faith. Likewise, there are also several resources on theology, life, church, daily devotionals, and even trivia games on Scripture knowledge for you to explore.

Theology Blogs and Resources

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Find more information on beliefs and practices and get a better grasp on concepts of Christian doctrine with the help of these:


This reformation theology blog offers original articles, aggregated content from all over the world, and a comprehensive online theological library. It explores human reason, logic, scientism, free will, contentedness, and personal cross-bearing among its rich and thought-provoking offerings. If you are tackling topics related to anything science, then this blog will be of great assistance to you. Here is an example of such an essay that you may encounter. 

The Christian Century

Progressive, ecumenical magazine committed to living faithfully and thinking critically, The Christian Century writes about politics, society, arts, culture, church, Scripture, and theology. Moreover, it discusses what it means to believe and live as a Christian in our modern society. 

Redeeming God

D. Myers is an author, educator, and blogger. He writes about the Scripture, theology, and church. He sees his mission as breaking the shackles of religion’s formal rules and regulations and helping believers build personal relationships with God.

Andy Naselli

Theologian and author from Minneapolis, Andy explores relevant ethical topics such as justice, human rights, conscience, and many others. Furthermore, he tackles difficult controversial issues. From abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty to contraception, genetic engineering, homosexuality, divorce, and remarriage, Andy covers a vast field of topics that many seek answers to. 

Tim Challies

Blogger, author, and book reviewer, Tim Challies writes about work, finances, ministry, and the challenges of our current world. Similarly, most of his works cover social issues of consumerism, smartphone addiction, conspiracy theories, and everything under the sun. From tips on memorizing Scripture to difficult discussions of shame and sexual abuse, Tim’s blog is extremely multifaceted yet intriguing all in one. 

Christian Blogs for Young Adults/College Students

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This list of Christian blogs caters more toward personal growth with God. Nonetheless, these blogs can also help you to grow in your knowledge of the Bible and the faith to better understand what Christianity is about. Here’s a comprehensive list of Christian blogs to check out:


Online community for young adults who want to pursue faith, build meaningful relationships, and enter adulthood with confidence and joy. You can find regular articles and podcasts here on purposeful dating and personal growth.

Every Woman a Theologian

Phylicia Masonheimer is an author, speaker, and blogger. She shares powerful personal stories about vulnerability, confusion, and finding inspiration in your faith. In particular, Msaonheimer emphasizes living as an active believer in a modern world.

Recklessly alive

Sam Eaton is an author and speaker. He writes about friendship, youth ministry, Christ, and mental health. Furthermore, Sam’s primary focus is helping depressed and desperate young people who might be tempted to end their life. He went through this crisis himself in the past and shared his uplifting, life-affirming experience.

Bloggers for the Kingdom

This resource is a true school for Christian bloggers. It offers pieces on spiritual growth, explores stories of powerful women from the Bible, and shares selections of inspirational verses and prayers on every occasion: back to school, Christmas, encouraging colleagues, etc.

The Rebelution

Bearing the tagline of “Rebelling against low expectations,” theReb leads a global movement against apathy. This blog challenges you to embrace responsibility and do hard things, such as rejecting bad influences, fighting against human trafficking, and making right, even if difficult, personal choices.


This blog writes about motherhood, culture, and modern life. It helps women to combat anxiety and doubt and solve everyday problems, from embracing the unexpected to building relationships with adult children.

The Scribes Portion

Evelyn Fonseca writes on biblical womanhood and Christianity living in the modern world, discussing everything from theology to modesty. She often discusses relevant contemporary problems, such as popular messages on confidence and insecurity.

Just Write. 

As you write, you grow in your craft and knowledge. Wherever you are now in your writing journey – a student tackling a religious essay or a budding writer, start practicing. Then you will see how your voice becomes more confident and your words more powerful. Start with a small essay and ask your instructors, friends, or educational services for feedback so you can improve. I hope you will find joy, fulfillment, and the grace of God in writing.

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