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3 Great Christian Instagram Pages To Follow 3 Great Christian Instagram Pages To Follow

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3 Great Christian Instagram Pages To Follow

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Find inspiration to incorporate your faith online with these Christian Instagram pages that are sure to make an impact on social media.

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Amidst the saturation of social media influencers, being one that stands out from the crowd is challenging. Page building, content planning and development, and choosing to buy Instagram followers are part of being a social media influencer. But we cannot deny the real influence and impact of Instagram, which explains why many are looking to Instagram as their main marketing tool.

Likewise, we also see a proliferation of Christian-related pages on Instagram in recent years. Christian writers, bloggers, and enterprises are leveraging Instagram to evangelize. They share the gospel and even unpack some mind-boggling theological messages into bite-sized Instagram posts. Though the Bible emphasizes being sanctified from the ways of the world, God has never forbade us from using social media as a platform to be the salt and light for the world. Spreading the word of God through social media righteously is beneficial, and has a real impact too. To help you begin, here are 3 great Instagram pages you can follow and get inspiration from. 


Jesus, love, family, and aesthetics are the first words that come to mind when viewing Samantha’s account. She broadcasts positive thoughts and shares important moments of her life and God’s messages. If you like open people and want to be inspired by love, be sure to visit her page.

Samantha is an example of a religious blogger who skillfully combines posts on the page about her personal life and her coming to God. In Stories, she regularly shares important thoughts and messages for people in difficult life situations.


The author of the page, Jessica, is a specialist in social media promotion. And she knows exactly how to reach people who are far from God. Her page contains a lot of useful Reels and IGTV, in which a woman talks about the wonderful things that happen to those who allowed God to take the lead. Her incredible ability is to convey complex things to the public in simple language. She talks about the importance of the presence of Jesus in our lives, giving an example of ordinary everyday situations.

Visit her page and support useful creativity. Every like is important for bloggers because they have done so much to make their content appreciated. Creating a video takes a lot of time and effort, and promoting methods and the possibility to buy real Instagram followers cost money. But likes and comments are free. Support the authors you like so that blogs continue to thrive and benefit.


There are already more than 20 thousand people in the woman’s account who have found inspiration and their way to God in the blog. Maddie Joy aims to encourage others to boldly and confidently go to what Jesus created them for. In her blog, you can find a lot of great messages and important thoughts that will help you make sure of your strength and faith.

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