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The Top 15 Engaging Bible Stories For Kids The Top 15 Engaging Bible Stories For Kids

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The Top 15 Engaging Bible Stories For Kids

Written by: Taylor McKittrick

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These Bible stories for kids serves as a great start in understanding the Word of God. Plus, knowing these are a fun way to engage in faith!

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Bible stories for kids are important for their cognitive and spiritual growth. In general, stories have many benefits for children such as creativity, confidence, and linguistic acquisition. Taking this advantage, early introduction to the Bible by using its moral-filled stories is a great foundation. By doing this, they become familiar with the Bible’s most notable figures, as well as the golden lessons that await them as they read. Therefore, here are the top 15 Bible stories for kids:

1. The Story of Creation

  • The Book of Genesis (Genesis 1)
  • Story: The Story of Creation reveals the majestic and almighty power of the Lord when He created the universe in six days, resting on the seventh! In the beginning, there was nothing; the earth was formless and empty. But on the first day, God created light (day), separating it from darkness (night), and said it was good. On the second day, He made the sky and said it was good. God then noticed that the Earth needed something more, so on the third day, He created the oceans, lakes, and land. And to accompany the land, God also made the evergreen trees and the ravishing assortment of colorful plants. On the fourth day, He created the sun, moon, and the twinkling stars we see at night. But, He did not stop there – on the fifth day, God made creatures of the sea and the birds that fly in the sky and he said it was good. On the sixth day, He created animals on the land humans in the image of himself. As he breathed life into them, he gave mankind the ability to rule over the land and animals. This was when Adam and Eve were created. Finally, on the seventh day, when God saw everything he made was made to perfection, He declared a day of rest.
  • Lesson: Among all the Bible stories for kids, this is the easiest to express and to catch attention to! The magnificent story of how the world came to be, describes God’s creativity and power. This also tells them to appreciate and take care of the world since God has made every single detail with His warm love.

 2. The Story of Adam and Eve

  • The Book of Genesis – (Genesis 3)
  • Story: This narrates the day mankind fell from perfection and sinned for the first time. God created the first man, Adam, and created a partner for him, Eve. Both were given the task of taking care of the perfect world God created, a creation that is beautiful and abundant. However, God had only one condition, and that was to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the middle of the garden. One day, a serpent enticed Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil; and sadly, Eve believed the words of the serpent. She bit into the fruit from the tree of good and evil, then shared it with Adam who also took a bite from it. Their eyes were then opened to all things both good and evil. Ashamed, they hid from God. But of course, God already knew their sin. The day sin was introduced was also the first day of God’s consequences.
  • Lesson: The Story of Adam and Eve is ideal for children because it teaches them about obedience. Obviously, following God is an easier option but, to oppose Him equates to consequences. At the same time, this story allows the children to see how powerful God is and how we are all from His hands.

3. The Tower of Babel

Tower Bible Story

Photo by Pieter Bruegel

  • The Book of Genesis (Genesis 11:1 – 9)
  • Story: After the big flood, Noah and his family ventured from place to place, finally settling in Babylon. Over decades and many generations, the people multiplied as God commanded. However, over time, the people grew arrogant and decided to construct a tower to make a name for themselves. This was no ordinary tower, for they wanted to build it so high that it would reach the Heavens and God. In short, they wanted to be seen as God’s equivalent. During this time everyone spoke one language. So, as a response to their arrogance, God gave the people different languages so that they could not understand each other. Therefore, they could not complete the tower and were once again scattered among the earth.
  • Lesson: Bible stories for kids often tell an interesting twist. Just like the Tower of Babel, this tells us about how different languages were made by God. As for its lesson, the story depicts how we should see God with respect and how pride leads to nothing good. Here we can also see God’s First Commandment and understand how we cannot act like gods in our lives for there is only one God.

4. The Story of Moses

  • The Book of Exodus – (Exodus 2- 13)
  • Story: Moses sat near Mount Horeb tending to his sheep when suddenly, he witnessed a bright and miraculous sight. The Lord appeared in the form of a burning bush, commanding Moses to be a spokesman for Him. Moses was to go back to Egypt, face Pharoh, and tell him God’s command to let the Hebrew slaves free. Moses told God that he’s a common man and asked how he would convince Pharoh to let the Hebrews go and get the Hebrews to follow him! God knew how Moses doubted his own strength, so God told him to throw his staff to the ground. Moses did so and the staff turned into a serpent. But as soon as he picked it up, the serpent became a staff again. God promised to use signs similar to this to help Moses convince Pharoh to let the Hebrews go. So with faith, Moses went back to Egypt and succeeded in his mission. The Ten Plagues God sent to Egypt helped Moses free the Hebrews. In time Moses also guided the people through the desert and received God’s Ten Commandments.
  • Lesson: Moses is a biblical icon as he was able to do so much for God in faith. His story tells us that when we stay faithful to the Lord, He will bless us with the strength, wisdom, and courage we never expect to have. Just like Moses who doubted if he can make a massive number of people to follow him, our faith elevates us from the person we were yesterday. As long as we live for the Glory of God, we will receive His blessing.

5. Queen Esther

  • The Book of Esther – (Esther 2 – 4)
  • Story:  In the Persian Empire, King Ahasuerus (Xerxes’) ruled over 127 provinces including the lands of the Hebrews. In his search for a wife, King Xerxes’ had virgins brought to him so he could choose a wife.  A beautiful woman named Esther caught his attention and they eventually fell in love. They then married and Esther became Queen. However, she hid one thing about herself, which was, she’s a Hebrew. At the time, Persian Kings were seen as Gods, so King Ahasuerus disliked the Hebrews. Mordecai, who is Esther’s adopted father, informed Esther that the King’s right hand, Haman wanted to kill all the Hebrews, asking for her help to save them. Of course, Esther wanted to do something but, she was afraid of being killed if the King knew her true roots. Still, she took the risk. She arranged a feast and humbly asked the King to spare her people. The King gladly agreed and the risk she took was absolutely worth it for Queen Esther’s people were spared, and Hamman received his dues.
  • Lesson: Bible stories for kids usually have men icons but, Queen Esther is one of the many strong women in the Bible. Her story teaches us about bravery, courage, and hope. Sometimes, we feel that the risks are too intimidating and it’s better to not act. If one thing, Queen Esther tells us to fight for what is right, no matter how hard or scary it might appear to be. Here we also learn that God will help when we ask.

6. Jonah and the Great Fish

Artist: Adam Willaerts in the National Maritime Museum

  • The Book of Jonah – (Jonah 1 – 3)
  • Story: One day, God asked Jonah to preach to Nineveh because wickedness was prevalent among the people. Jonah did not like this idea because Nineveh is one of Israel’s enemies. He didn’t want Israel’s enemies to repent and receive the compassion of God. So, he ran from God, going towards the opposite direction of Nineveh in a ship. Here, God sent a great storm that frightened the sailors of the ship who cast lots to find a person to blame. God interfered, to let them know it was Jonah who is to blame. Jonah then realized he cannot run from God, so, he told the sailors to toss him into the sea. After being tossed overboard, the storm stopped and the sailors were saved. Then, God sent a great fish to swallow Jonah where he stayed three days and three nights inside the fish’s belly. During this time, Jonah prayed and repented for his actions against God. Finally, the big fish spit Jonah on land, where he finds himself in the shores of Nineveh. And from there, he completed his mission, preaching the word of God.
  • Lesson: It is good to start with Bible stories for kids that gives them a sense of responsibility and purpose as God’s children. Jonah and the fish allow your children to understand that we should do what God calls us to do. We should spread His Word to others even if they are our enemies. When we obey God, we can see that our lives have a purpose. Aside from this, the story also tells us that we cannot run away from the Will of God. And if we try to, we are bound to face uncomfortable situations that will still lead to us desiring for God’s Mercy.

7. David and Goliath

  • Book of 1 Samuel – (1 Samuel 17)
  • Story: After King Saul sinned against God, the Lord rejected him as king. The Lord then asked Samuel to find another man to be hailed King in place of Saul. Samuel followed God’s orders and arrived at the home of a man named Jesse who had eight sons.  Seven of these were shown to Samuel, for they showed physical potential and strength. However, God told Samuel to not look only in the appearance but by faith and character. So, Samuel asked if Jesse had other sons, which he was then shown to David. Jesse’s youngest son David was a shepherd and not a warrior, but because of his faith and heart, God chose to anoint him as the future king. At this time, a massive war between the Israelites and the Philistines occurred and a mighty giant named Goliath challenged any Israeli to try to defeat him. Unfortunately, no one had ever succeeded. One day David was told by his father to bring food to his three oldest brothers in Saul’s army and upon reaching them, he heard about Goliath’s challenge. He then told King Saul that he would fight, despite having no experience at all! King Saul was hesitant but, he allowed it. He gave him an armor but, David chose to fight only with his usual clothes. With faith in God and only a slingshot and stone as his weapon, he defeated Goliath with one hit to his head. Goliath died instantly. When the Philistines heard about their trump card’s death, they attempted to flee but, it was too late, the Israeli army claimed the victory.
  • Lesson: God sees the strength of a person’s heart and judges not only in the physicalities of a person but their characteristics. Also, this bible story teaches how with God, nothing is impossible. As long as we follow Him, He will make us strong despite how weak we or other people think us to be.

8. The Birth of Jesus Christ

bible stories for kids

  • The Gospels of Matthew and Luke – (Matthew 1:18 – 24 and Luke 2:1 – 20)
  • Story: In the town of Nazareth, there lived a woman named Mary. She adored God and was about to marry a man named Joseph. One day, God sent the Angel Gabriel to inform Mary and Joseph that Mary has been chosen to bear the son of God, in which they accepted.  At this time, Caesar Augustus issued a decree that everyone should make sure they paid their taxes and register in the province in which they were born. As a descendant of King David, Joseph had to travel with the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. When they reached, there were no rooms or lodges were available, so they had no choice but to stay in a stable where Mary had Jesus, using a manger as a bed for him. As prophesized, the Savior would be born in Bethlehem from a virgin and as we all know it, Jesus magnificently fulfilled all prophecies about Him.
  • Lesson: Learning the life of Jesus Christ is a must and an adventure every child will surely enjoy. The simple beginnings of the Son of Man depict His humility despite being the Son of Man himself. Jesus wasn’t born in luxurious surroundings but a humble one. Additionally, the story of Jesus Christ’s birth reminds them of the sacrifice the Lord has chosen to do just to save our sins. How Jesus came in our human world is truly beyond beautiful.

9. The Story of John the Baptist

  • The Gospel of Luke – (Luke 3)
  • Story: There lived a woman named Elizabeth who became pregnant at a very old age. Although it was unusual, she became the mother of John the Baptist. An angel was sent to Zechariah, John’s father informing him that his son would be blessed with the Holy Spirit from the moment he is born and was to carry the name “John”. Elizabeth and Zechariah obeyed the Lord and did as the angel said. John then grew up with faith; he would preach, teach, and baptize people. As he had the Holy Spirit in him, John was also used as an instrument to teach people why they should repent. One joyful day, Jesus went to John to be baptized. The scene he witnessed made him feel genuinely blessed as the Holy Spirit came upon, and engulfed Jesus.
  • Lesson: Following God’s commands is how someone finds genuine joy and purpose. When we use our lives to be an instrument and if we allow God to enter our hearts, that’s the only time we get to feel the happiness that’s beyond comparison to anything. Just like John, our lives are attached to a greater purpose that we can only grasp with obedience to the Lord.

10. Jesus Stops The Storm

  • The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke – (New Testament)
  • Story: Among the many miracles done by Jesus Christ, how He stopped a beastly storm is truly impressive! One day, Jesus was traveling through the Sea of Galilee with his disciples and took a boat to cross a river. Suddenly, a big and violent storm engulfed them. Water started to fill the boat and they then started to sink. Fear and panic engulfed the hearts of the disciples as they didn’t know what to do. At the time, Jesus was asleep in the boat, so they woke Him up telling him their boat was sinking. Jesus stood up facing the sea and commanded it to be calm. In just in an instant, the sea was calm and their problem was no more. The storm had vanished!
  • Lesson: This story emphasizes the power of God. It teaches us that when we are caught in the storms of life, it is easy to think negatively. But because God is in control, He can calm the storms in our lives just as Jesus did with the storm. Moreover, this will make children understand more of how only with God, nothing is ever impossible. We just need a little faith in Christ.

11. The Story of Jesus and the Devil

  • The Gospel of Matthew – (Matthew 4:1 – 11)
  • Story: When Jesus was fasting in the desert for forty days and nights, the devil went to Him and tempted Him. Three times the devil tried and three times he failed. The devil enticed Jesus with turning the stones around Him into bread but Jesus denied this, saying that man does not live alone on bread but, on the Word of God.  The devil did not stop; he promised Jesus that he would grant Him all the kingdoms of the world as long as he worshipped him. Jesus rebuked the devil and told him that worship is addressed to God and God alone. The devil left Jesus and the angels of the Lord greeted Him.
  • Lesson: Bible stories for kids possess rich lessons such as temptation. The story depicts how the devil attempts to entice us with earthly matters, but just like Jesus, we should only listen to the voice of God. If we insist on holding on to God’s Word, we become stronger and more blessed. Being on God’s side is always the right choice.

12. Jesus Heals the Blind Man

bible stories for kids

  • The Gospel of John – (John 9)
  • Story: This is another story amongst the many wonderful miracles Jesus did. One day, the disciples of Jesus saw a man who was blind since birth. Many had thought that this was because of sin. It is true that sins can lead to either physical, mental and spiritual illness, not every illness is a direct consequence of sin. Jesus then replied saying that God allowed blindness to this man to show His presence and His power amongst them.  In saying that, Jesus then healed this man with just a touch on the blind man’s eyes, and for the first time in his life, the blind man was able to see perfectly!
  • Lesson: This story shows the power of God. Another lesson this gives is how trusting Him will enable us to see the true and incomparable beauty of His creation. We may not be blind in our eyes but sometimes we are blinded by the world’s empty promises. Thus, we need Jesus to open our eyes to the reality of His Grace and to do this, we need faith.

13. The Story of the Lost Sheep

  • The Gospel of Luke – (Luke 15:3 – 7)
  • Story: The majority of the Pharisees had one thing they did not like about Jesus. They didn’t appreciate how Jesus would eat with sinners and even allow them to follow Him! So, Jesus shared a parable in order to help them understand why. Jesus asked that if a shepherd lost one sheep out of a hundred, would it be fair to leave the other sheep to look for the missing one? A shepherd knows that the 99 sheep can survive together without the shepherd for a while, but a single sheep cannot survive on its own. Jesus said that when a sheep is found or returns, the shepherd celebrates. In the same manner, God’s love for each of us is so great he will search for each of us and rejoices when he or she is found. This is exactly like when a sinner repents and the Heavens celebrate!
  • Lesson: As we are all humans, we sin. But, we should remember that God will never abandon us. His Love covers all our sins as long as we repent and come home to His Grace. Bible stories for kids such as this one emphasizes the spirit of acknowledging our mistakes and being humble before the Lord as we seek forgiveness and a renewed life.

14. The Good Samaritan

  • The Gospel of Luke – (Luke 10:25 – 37)
  • Story: One day, Jesus shared a wonderful story to a lawful man who was asking who his neighbors are since Jesus told him that the way to the Lord is by faith and by loving your neighbors. Jesus narrated that there was once a man traveling to Jericho from Jerusalem but, a gang of robbers took all his possessions including his clothes, and even beat him up, and left him severely wounded. Now a priest who represents the religious-acting people saw this man. But instead of helping,  the priest passed by the other side of the road and avoided the injured man. A Levite, known to most likely have a vast knowledge of the law and may have been Jewish also did not give the injured man any attention and walked away. But, a Samaritan took one look and helped him. He even washed his wounds and nursed him. At the time, Samaritans and Jews did not get along. But the Samaritan still helped the injured Jew at his own expense. Jesus then asked the lawful man who the “neighbor” was in this parable and the man said that it was the Samaritan because he showed compassion to a stranger who was supposedly an “enemy”.
  • Lesson: In this Bible story, we are taught to love our neighbors and by “neighbors”, we should not have a qualification or specification as to who we help because the God that we serve loves regardless of who we are as well. Our neighbor doesn’t mean our next-door neighbors. It could be a stranger you help, a person you give an encouraging word to, or people  you dislike.

15. The Story of Revelations

Bible Stories

  • The Book Of Revelation – (New Testament)
  • Story: This speaks of the wonderful experiencethat the  Apostle John was able to witness. John was able to see the Savior die in pain and agony yet rose again after three days. He was also able to see the Holy City, the angels, and the New Heaven and Earth. There, God spoke to him saying that He is the Alpha and Omega and that whoever believes in Him will never go thirsty. So, he wrote all of this and the Bible came to be.
  • Lesson: The Bible is indeed God’s Words. It is the set of rules, laws, stories, and love that God has brought to us as He awaits us in the Heavens and protects us on Earth. This is why these Bible stories for kids are an opening gate to the wonder that awaits in His Words.

The Bible is jam-packed with interesting and mind-opening stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament. These Bible stories for kids can really aid them in understanding the beauty of God’s promises, words, and appearances in the lives of the people mentioned in the Bible. Other than that, the stories can help them improve in differentiating what is right and wrong. It is always better to start one’s childhood with faith and righteousness – and the Bible is the perfect outlet in attaining this!

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