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What Does It Mean To Put On The Lord Jesus Christ What Does It Mean To Put On The Lord Jesus Christ

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What Does It Mean To Put On The Lord Jesus Christ

Written by: Darcee Benn

Discover the significance of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ and its relevance in Bible stories. Explore the deeper meaning and impact of this spiritual act.

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Understanding the Concept of Putting On

Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ is a concept deeply rooted in the teachings of Christianity. It signifies the act of embodying the qualities and characteristics of Jesus Christ in one's own life. It involves adopting His teachings, values, and principles and allowing them to guide one's thoughts, words, and actions. Essentially, it is about striving to emulate the love, compassion, forgiveness, and selflessness that Jesus exemplified during His time on earth. This concept is not merely about outwardly professing faith, but rather about internalizing and reflecting the essence of Christ in one's daily life. It is a transformative process that shapes one's character and influences interactions with others.

  1. Imbibing His Teachings: Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ begins with immersing oneself in the teachings of Jesus. This involves studying the Bible, understanding His parables, and reflecting on His messages of love, kindness, and humility. By internalizing His teachings, individuals can gain insight into how to live a life that is pleasing to God and beneficial to others.

  2. Emulating His Character: Jesus Christ is often regarded as the epitome of virtue and righteousness. Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ entails striving to mirror His character in our own lives. This means cultivating qualities such as patience, empathy, integrity, and generosity. By emulating His character, individuals can become beacons of light and hope in a world that often grapples with darkness and despair.

  3. Aligning with His Will: Central to the concept of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ is aligning one's will with the will of God, as exemplified by Jesus. This involves surrendering personal desires and ambitions to embrace God's purpose and plan. It requires seeking divine guidance through prayer and being open to following the path that reflects the love and righteousness embodied by Jesus.

  4. Living in Unity: Another aspect of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ is fostering unity and harmony within the community of believers. This involves practicing forgiveness, extending grace, and promoting reconciliation, just as Jesus did during His ministry. By promoting unity, individuals contribute to the establishment of a supportive and compassionate environment reflective of Christ's teachings.

In essence, putting on the Lord Jesus Christ is a profound and transformative endeavor that encompasses the internalization of His teachings, the emulation of His character, the alignment with God's will, and the promotion of unity within the community of believers. It is a continual process that shapes individuals into ambassadors of Christ's love and grace in the world.


The Significance of Putting On the Lord Jesus Christ

  1. Transformation of Character: Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ holds immense significance as it signifies a profound transformation of character. It involves shedding off the old self, characterized by selfishness, pride, and worldly desires, and embracing a new self that reflects the virtues and values of Jesus Christ. This transformation is not merely superficial but penetrates deep into the core of one's being, influencing thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. It leads to a life marked by love, compassion, humility, and righteousness, which in turn, impacts the individual's interactions with others and their overall contribution to society.

  2. Identification with Christ: Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ also carries the significance of identifying with Christ. By adopting His teachings and embodying His character, individuals align themselves with the mission and purpose of Jesus. This identification signifies a commitment to walk in His footsteps, to be His representatives on earth, and to advance His kingdom. It establishes a profound connection with the person of Jesus Christ, leading to a deep sense of belonging and purpose within the Christian faith.

  3. Spiritual Protection and Strength: Another significance of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ lies in the spiritual protection and strength it provides. Just as putting on armor shields a soldier from the attacks of the enemy, putting on the Lord Jesus Christ serves as a spiritual armor that safeguards believers from the snares of temptation, the assaults of the adversary, and the influences of darkness. It empowers individuals to stand firm in their faith, to resist evil, and to overcome the challenges and trials encountered in their spiritual journey.

  4. Witness to the World: Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ also holds significance in terms of being a compelling witness to the world. When individuals embody the values and principles of Jesus Christ, they become living testimonies of His transformative power and grace. Their lives serve as a reflection of the love, mercy, and redemption offered through Christ, drawing others to inquire about the source of such remarkable change and inspiring them to consider the message of the Gospel.

  5. Eternal Implications: Lastly, the significance of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ extends to the realm of eternity. It is intricately linked to the assurance of salvation and the hope of eternal life. By embracing the Lord Jesus Christ and allowing His presence to permeate their lives, individuals secure their place in the kingdom of God and anticipate the fulfillment of God's promises. This assurance brings comfort, joy, and a perspective that transcends the temporal challenges of life.

In summary, the significance of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ encompasses the transformation of character, identification with Christ, spiritual protection and strength, bearing witness to the world, and the assurance of eternal life. It is a profound and impactful expression of faith that shapes the lives of believers and influences their relationship with God and others.


Practical Ways to Put On the Lord Jesus Christ in Daily Life

  1. Cultivate a Habit of Prayer and Meditation: Communing with God through prayer and meditation is a practical way to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. By setting aside dedicated time for spiritual reflection and seeking divine guidance, individuals can align their hearts and minds with the will of God, allowing His presence to permeate their thoughts and actions throughout the day.

  2. Study and Reflect on Scripture: Engaging with the Word of God is essential for putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. Regular study and reflection on the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Bible provide insight into His character, values, and principles. This, in turn, informs and shapes one's own attitudes and behaviors, leading to a more Christ-centered life.

  3. Practice Love and Compassion: Actively demonstrating love and compassion towards others mirrors the essence of Jesus Christ. Whether through acts of kindness, empathy, or generosity, individuals can embody Christ's love in their interactions with family, friends, and even strangers, thereby reflecting His transformative presence in their lives.

  4. Embrace Forgiveness and Grace: Forgiveness and grace are fundamental aspects of Jesus' teachings. By extending forgiveness to those who have wronged them and offering grace to those in need, individuals exemplify the mercy and compassion of Christ, fostering reconciliation and healing in their relationships.

  5. Serve Others Selflessly: Engaging in selfless service and ministry to others is a practical way to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether through volunteer work, charitable acts, or simply being attentive to the needs of those around them, individuals can emulate Jesus' example of humility and servanthood, making a positive impact in their communities.

  6. Seek to Reflect Christ's Character in Challenges: When faced with trials and difficulties, consciously striving to respond with patience, faith, and integrity reflects the resilience and trust in God that Jesus exemplified. By maintaining a Christ-like demeanor in adversity, individuals demonstrate their commitment to putting on the Lord Jesus Christ in all circumstances.

  7. Participate in Christian Fellowship and Worship: Engaging in regular fellowship with other believers and participating in corporate worship provides opportunities for spiritual growth and encouragement. It allows individuals to collectively express devotion to God, receive edification from His Word, and find support in their journey of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Seek Accountability and Mentorship: Surrounding oneself with fellow believers who can provide accountability and mentorship fosters spiritual growth and maturity. By seeking guidance from those who exemplify Christ-like character and values, individuals can receive support in their endeavor to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and navigate the challenges of daily life.

Incorporating these practical ways into daily life enables individuals to authentically put on the Lord Jesus Christ, allowing His transformative presence to permeate their thoughts, attitudes, and actions, and ultimately shaping them into reflections of His love and grace in the world.

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