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Grow spiritually with Charles H. Spurgeon's teachings, pastor of Bath Road Baptist Church. Giving you the best of his ministry, you too can share God's love

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Charles H. Spurgeon
Bath Road Baptist Church

To: Spurgeon’s Sermons

Charles Spurgeon, 1834-1892, was the foremost preacher of the 19th century. Before our modern “mega-churches”, Spurgeon’s congregation built “The Metropolitan Tabernacle” (1861) which seated 4,700. In that same year Spurgeon preached at London’s Crystal Palace to a congregation of 23,654 without microphone or any other means of amplification.


“Charles Haddon Spurgeon is history’s most widely read preacher (apart from the biblical ones). Today, there are more available materials written by Spurgeon than by any other Christian author; living or dead.


One woman was converted through reading a single page of one of Spurgeon’s sermons wrapped around some butter she had bought.


Spurgeon read The Pilgrim’s Progress at age 6 and went on to read it over 100 times.


The New Park Street Pulpit and The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit–the collected sermons of Spurgeon during his ministry with that congregation–fill 63 volumes. The sermons’ 20-25 million words are equivalent to the 27 volumes of the ninth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The series stands as the largest set of books by a single author in the history of Christianity…Spurgeon drew to his services Prime Minister W.E. Gladstone, members of the royal family, Members of Parliament, as well as author John Ruskin, Florence Nightingale, and General James Garfield, later president of the United States…When Spurgeon arrived at The New Park Street Church, in 1854, the congregation had 232 members. By the end of his pastorate, 38 years later, that number had increased to 5,311. (Altogether, 14,460 people were added to the church during Spurgeon’s tenure.) The church was the largest independent congregation in the world. In 1865, Spurgeon’s sermons sold 25,000 copies every week. They were translated into more than 20 languages. During his lifetime, Spurgeon is estimated to have preached to 10,000,000 people “(Christian History, Issue 29, Volume X, No. 1)”.


We are confident that a century later you too will find these sermons a tremendous blessing!


Bath Road Baptist Church publishes one of Spurgeon’s sermons each month in booklet form. If you would like to be on the mailing list (there is no charge), please send your request to.

PO Box 1673
K7L 5C8

To: Spurgeon’s Sermons

This file was printed as a special augmentation of the Bath Road Baptist Church series of Spurgeon Sermons from the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit. Files of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit are provided to ICLnet and the internet community by the Bath Road Baptist Church, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The sermons are available in booklet form at the following address. There is no charge for this service:

Spurgeon Ministries
P.O. Box 1673
Kingston, Ontario


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