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CRI: The Christian Research Institute

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Partnered internationally with the Christian Research Institute, we have bible study resources & journals to help answer your questions about the Gospel.

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CRI: The Christian Research Institute

Menu Section:

Welcome… to the Christian Research Instiute Archive at Christian.net. Information is arranged in the following sections.

About Rich Poll and Apologia! [NEW]
CRI Official Internet Location
How to Contact CRI [new]
CRI Journal
CRI Newsletter
Miscellaneous Text Files
Indexes & Help Files for CRI Text Database
FTP Directory Access
Online Search [new]

CRI’s Official Internet Location:

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CRI International’s Official Web Site is located at: http://www.equip.org/. Be sure to bookmark the official site.

How to Contact the Christian Research Institute:Return to Menu:

The Christian Research Institute may only be reached by writing to the following address:

              Christian Research Institute
              30162 Tomas
              Rancho Santa Margarita, CA  92688-2124

The Official CRI Web Site also provides a mail based form for readers who have form based browsers.


ICLnet owes a profound thanks to the people at CRI International for allowing us to place this archive and the former CRI-ARTICLES distribution list on the internet beginning in 1994. Through this archive we have met many of the most concerned, diligent, and friendly people we have ever met. Among those who command our most respect (and who was most instrumental in securing CRI files for you and I) is Rich Poll who is, in Christian form, the standard that this writer aspires to be some day.

Rich, has begun a new ministry on the internet. The apologetics ministry, named Apologia, hosts a discussion group based at GospelCom called ARTALKApologia has also formed, and is promoting, an authorative information service, Apologia Report, which is distribued on-line, and may also be gotten in paper format.

All of the information provided through these services is based on years of apologetics and publishing experience by Rich Poll. For more information about these Apologia and its work, we highly recommend visiting Apologia’s internet site at http://apologia.org/.


A Question: Does Walter Martin Have a Genuine Earned Doctor’s Degree?
Walter Martin The Gospel and Computer Technology, by Walter Martin.
Charles W. Colson The Enduring Revolution: 1993 Templeton Address. Delivered by Charles W. Colson at the University of Chicago, Sep. 2, 1993.
Rich Poll Computer Technology and the Defense of the Gospel, by Rich Poll, 1994:Jan.14

CRI Journal Articles:

Select one of the following pages to browse digests of articles located in the archive. Files are listed in numerical order.

[Installment 1] : File nos. 1-35, CRJ.
[Installment 2] : Files 36-70, CRJ.
[Installment 3] : Files 71-110, CRJ
[Installment 4] : Files 111-152, CRJ
[Installment 5] : Files 153-197, CRJ
[Publication History]

CRI Newsletter Articles:

Select one of the following pages to browse digests of articles located in the archive. Files are listed in numerical order.

[Installment 1] : Files 1-13, CRN.
[Installment 2] : Files 14-53, CRN.
[Installment 3] : Files 54-76, CRN.
[Publication History]


BBS-FYI is an in-house publication of the Christian Research Institute (CRI) containing relevant material recently on-line and related information.
[BBS FYI Archive]

Miscellaneous Text Files:

CRI Missions, Objectives, and Periodicals.
CRI Publications by Subject and Price.
Bible Answer Man radio progam log, call-letters, and schedules.

…and plain text version

Online Search Capabilities:

This unofficial CRI archive is located at the ICLnet server. ICLnet, the networking extension of the Institute for Christian Leadership, provides a system-wide search utility that can be used to search the CRI archives. Bear in mind that the more that users can refine the search terms, the more efficient the search will be. If you use a combination of terms, think about including the “CRI” initials as one of the search terms. If you wish to perform a search, connect to ICLnet’s Search Page.

Indexes and Help Files:

ICLnet Directory Structure: file names and locations (MSDOS Directory).
Listing of Files Released by Christian Research Instiute: [index/ digest] for CRI text files.
(partially superseded by indexes for CRI Journal and CRI Newsletters, noted below).
CRI Journal Index/ Digest.
CRI Newsletter Index/ Digest.
Discussion of the pros and cons of Macintosh vs. DOS Windows operating systems.
What is in Version 2.5 CRI Text database.
User Feedback requested by CRI.

Information Peculiar to MSDOS CRI Text database:

Welcome Message: Welcome to CRI Text, Version 2.5
Database Supplement & Text File Directory Explains difference between tab-delineated file (CRLST002) and plain text file (CRLST003), files not included in CRI TEXT Database. The first file can be incorported into a database. The second file is an ASCII (plain text) file that indexes and digests text files that are not in the data base but are included in ICLnet’s /pub/resources/text/cri/ directory.

Information Peculiar to Macintosh CRI Text database:

ICLnet directory structure, contents, file locations, and download precautions.
Unpacking & Installation information.

CRI Directory FTP Access:

[Return to Menu] CRI publications are located at the following FTP directory locations at ICLnet:

Text Files:

Text Archive
Christian Research Journal
Christian Research Newsletter

Macintosh Program Files:

Macintosh CRI Text Program files
Supplementary Text Files that accompany the Macintosh program.MSDOS Program Files:

MS DOS CRI Text Program files, and some text files.

Descriptive files for the MSDOS program.

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This document prepared in cooperation with the Christian Research Institute , by ICLnet . This document copyright © 1994-1997 by ICLnet. All rights reserved. Reproduction and/or distribution for non-commercial purposes is permissible providing that this document is left fully intact. Please do not modify this document in any way without prior written consent. Send comments about this document to ICLnet njb@iclnet93.iclnet.org including CRI ARCHIVE as the subject.

To contact the Christian Research Institute, for business purposes, counselling, and other matters, refer to the section, How to Contact CRI .

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