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Best Christian Baby Names For Your Newborn Best Christian Baby Names For Your Newborn

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Best Christian Baby Names For Your Newborn

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Christian baby names have Biblical origins and meanings. Find out if yours is among them or if you are looking for the perfect name for your baby.

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Having a hard time deciding the best name for your baby? Here is an interesting list of Christian baby names you can choose from. Picking a name is an exciting activity. When selecting the best baby name for your child, its meaning certainly is one of your top priorities. Specially researched and listed, add these faith-based options on your baby’s name list. With these unique, popular and meaningful names, your baby will grow up to be someone who is proud of their faith in Christ.

Christian Baby Names for Boys


This name is Greek in origin and its Biblical meaning is “defender of man”. 


One of the apostles of Jesus is Andrew and in biblical names, it means “ a strong man”.


Ezekiel is a Hebrew name meaning “strength of God”. This name is a reminder that you and your family can always find solace in God.


Hezekiah is a Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh strengthens”. It is the name of an ancestor of Zephaniah in the Old Testament.


In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Ian is a Gift from God. Interestingly, it is a variant name for John which means “God is merciful”.


Derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. This name means supplanter; one who follows. James is the name of two apostles in the New Testament. 


This is a Biblical name which means discerner or “the wise”. In Hebrew names, Jabin means perceptive or intelligent.


A Hebrew name meaning “to supplant, circumvent, assail, overreach”, Jacob is one popular name known in the Old Testament of the Bible.


It is a Hebrew name with Biblical origin meaning “He shines; He enlightens”. Jair is the Son of Manasseh and the grandson of Joseph in the Old Testament.  


This biblical name means beauty; fair; persuading and; enlarged. Japhet is the name of Noah’s second son.


The name Lemuel in Hebrew means “devoted or dedicated to God”. In the book of Proverbs, it is the name of a King.


In the Old Testament, Levi is the third son of Jacob and Leah. From this name, the tribe of Levites are formed. Levites are the priestly class tribe of Israelites. The meaning of Levi is joined or attached. 


Luke is a famous Apostle of Jesus in the New Testament. He is known as the doctor apostle who traveled with Paul. He is also the author of the Gospel of Luke. In Greek, this name means light-giving. 

Mark or Marcus

This is a Biblical name meaning polite and shining. In the New Testament, Mark is considered as the writer of the second gospel. 


In Hebrew’s name, Matthew means “the gift of Jehovah”. The name Matthew is a classic and popular name for this name belongs to one of the twelve disciples. 


This is a Hebrew name meaning “who is like God?”. Michael is mentioned as one of the archangels of the Lord. In the book of Revelation, He is the leader of heaven’s armies. 


In the Old Testament, Mordecai is the uncle of Esther. It’s Hebrew origin means “warrior”. Its Persian origin, on the other hand, defines it as “little boy”.


It is a biblical name which means “He gave”. It is the name of a prophet in the Old Testament during the reign of King David. 

Raphael or Rafael

This name’s Hebrew origin meaning is “God has healed”. Raphael is the name of an archangel in Hebrew tradition.


This means “behold, a son”. Reuben is the eldest son of Jacob and Leah.


The name Samson is traced from a Hebrew word meaning “sun”. Samson is a hero in the Old Testament whom God gave an extraordinary strength. 


In Hebrew, Simon means “hearing; listen or he has heard”. In the New Testament, Simon is the man who carried the cross for Christ. 

Christian Baby Names for Girls


In Hebrew, the name Abigail means “Father’s joy or Father’s rejoiced”. It is also the name of King David’s third wife who was described as “good in discretion and beautiful in the form”. 


Adda means adornment, beauty and pleasure and beautiful addition to the family. Its root is traced to one of the first women named after Eve. 

Aliah or Aliyah

The name Aliyah means ascending or going up. It is a Hebrew name. The origin of this word is related to the Jewish Feast and the return of the Jews to Israel. 


The name Alice means noble or kind


Annabelle is a Hebrew name meaning “He (God) has favored me”. 

Ariel or Arielle

Ariel means “lion of God”. It is Hebrew in origin. The modernized name for this is Arielle or Ariella. 


One of the best names in Christianity, this gorgeous name means forgiveness, repentance, regeneration, and salvation. It is one of the best names described as the unmerited favor of God towards humanity.


This name meaning grace and favor is derived from the Hebrew name Channah. Hannah is the mother of the renowned Samuel and the wife of Elkanah in the Old Testament. 


In the Bible, hope is defined as an anchor for the soul that is firm and secure. It is a confident expectation in the promises of God.


This is a modern name but still has its biblical origin. Julia means Jupiter’s child or dedicated to Jupiter. It is the name of the Roman Christian woman to whom Paul sent his greetings. (Romans 16:15)


Leah is mentioned in the Old Testament as the first wife of Jacob and the daughter of Laban. The Hebrew meaning of Leah is tired or weary.


Lois is the name of the mother of Eunice and the grandmother of Timothy in the New Testament. This name means more desirable or better.


The name Mary means “wished-for-child; beloved; This is a very popular name since the name of the mother of Jesus is Mary.

Megan or Meg

Megan is a biblical name meaning pearl. This name is also related to other words meaning strong and capable


“Miriam the Prophetess” is known as the sister of Moses and Aaron in the Old Testament. Her name means ” a worshipping servant for God”.


Naomi is a Hebrew name meaning “pleasantness”. This is the name of the mother-in-law of Ruth.


Rachel is the second wife and the favorite wife of Jacob. It is a Hebrew name meaning “ewe”.


Rebecca is the name of the wife Jacob and the mother of Esau. this Hebrew name means join tie or snare.


In Hebrew names, Ruth means friend, companion, and vision of beauty. She is the famous Moabite woman who never left her mother-in-law, Naomi. 


Coming from a Hebrew origin, this name is unique for a baby girl. It means guardian or protected by God.

Christian Baby Names (Unisex)

Alex, Alexander, Alexis, or Alexandria

A historical name used by a great ruler of the Roman empire in ancient times, Alex is a name a nickname for girls and boys. This name means to defend and is the defender of people.

Bobby or Bobbie

These names are great for your firstborn child for it means resolute protector. Your child can live up to this name when they have a younger sibling. And when that happens, you can use this amazing list again for naming your second child!

Daniel or Danielle

This name has a Hebrew origin which means  “God is my judge”. A popular character and prophet in the Old Testament also has this name; Daniel in the Book of Daniel.

Elliott or Elliotte

A Greek name, this special name means “The Lord is my God”. Derived from the Hebrew name Elijah, it means “my God is Yahweh”. This name was given to a prophet, chosen by God to lead people.

Gabriel or Gabrielle

Gabriel has a Hebrew origin meaning “God is my strong man” or ” God is my strength”.


This musical name is great for families with a musical background or if you love Christian worship songs. It means “harp player”, and it can remind you of angels in Heaven.

Jesse, Jessa or Jessica

From the Hebrew word Yishai, the name means “gift”.


Rooted in history, this name means “to flow down”. It’s a significant name as it comes from the New Testament story of Jesus’ baptism in the river of Palestine.

Sam (Samantha or Samuel)

From the Biblical name Shemu’el, this name means “God has heard”.

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