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The Best Christian Gifts For The People You Love

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Show appreciation to your loved ones with these beautifully-crafted Christian gifts. Remind them of their faith with these gifts perfect for any occasion!

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What gift do you usually give to your loved ones on every special occasion? How do you usually prepare for it? Giving gifts, especially on a special occasion, becomes a practice for us. Yet, underlying this custom is an important purpose, which is appreciating our loved ones and showing how grateful we are to them. We spend time and effort preparing presents for these important people in our lives. We want them to feel happy, inspired, and touched the moment they see our gifts. Hence, Christian gifts are one of the best gift choices that we can consider buying for our loved ones! 

To help you choose the perfect Christian gifts for them, here’s our list of the must-buy items you give!

Perfect Christian Gifts For Women

Christian Gifts, Pink, Gift

Are you thinking of Christian gifts for a woman special to you? Then, this list will surely help you solve your problem! Our list will help you pick the best gift that they will not only love but will also encourage their faith. Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, appreciation gifts, Christmas, surprises, or any other occasion, these gifts are timeless and perfect for them! So, here are the best Christian gifts for women you can consider buying! 

Linlin Fine Jewelry Cross Necklace 

Necklace, Christian Gift,

Add this stylish Linlin Fine Jewelry Cross Necklace to your loved ones’ collection! Perfect for any occasion, this necklace features a faith cross with a tiny heart pendant that matches any outfit. It is made of 925 sterling silver, and it’s nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free. Hence, your loved ones can wear it anytime and anywhere. It is one of the best Christian gifts to help her remember her strength, faith, hope, love, and belief in God. If you’re looking for more designs and styles that will match your loved ones’ preferences, here’s our list of fashionable cross necklaces

Vintage Writing Journal 

Vintage Journal, Gift

Journals are one of the best Christian gifts that you can give to someone. If you want them to grow in their faith with God, you can give them a free space to write everything. A place to write prayers, devotions, or even answer prayers, having a journal is something every Christian must have! Yet, if you’re planning to give it as a gift, you can pick this Vintage Writing Journal! This classic journal with a retro design is an ideal gift for women of all ages on any occasion. It is also easy to carry anywhere, perfect for those who want to let their creativity flow. This journal is ideal to record all the lessons and messages they want to remember. You can also choose other colors that you think will match your loved one’s preferences! 

Inspirational Scroll Musical Snow Globe

Snow Globe, Musical Globe

This Inspirational Scroll Musical Snow Globe is one well known Christian gifts you can give to a special woman in your life! It is an ideal piece of inspiring decoration for houses, rooms, and offices. Also, it features an inspirational verse from the Book of Numbers. The design includes a beautiful bisque-type finish and highlighted by silver-plated leaves, a feather, and a butterfly. Your loved one will surely appreciate the wonderful glittering snowflake confetti and the beautiful melody of Amazing Grace. With the inspirational bible verse, this is a meaningful Christian gift you can give her! 

Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions by Joyce Meyer 

Devotional, Joyce Meyer

Help her deepen her faith and be inspired every day with Joyce Meyer’s Trusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions. We’re probably not always there 24/7 to encourage them on their faith. Yet, we can guarantee that they’ll grow in their relationship with God using this devotion. Filled with practical advice, it can help them in everyday life and be encouraged with life-changing promises from God’s word. Be a part of their spiritual journey by giving this encouraging gift to them! 

Prayer Journal for Women 

Prayer Journal for Women

Another Christian gift you must add to your list is this Prayer Journal for Women. It’s an ideal present for a woman dear to you. It includes Scripture verses, reflections on the word, as well as journaling prompts. This prayer journal will surely guide her walk with God and strengthen her faith. The bible verses are arranged thematically, which will guide her to find the right topic for her heart. Also, this journal includes a different Bible verse, reflect page, journal, and answered prayers for each week. With all the busyness around, you can help her organize and enjoy her quiet time using this item. Hence, this is one of the best Christian gifts she’ll surely love and appreciate! 

Christian Gifts You Can Give for Men 

Christian Gifts for Men, Christian Gift

Are you having a hard time looking for a possible gift for your father, grandfather, husband, friend, or other men important to you? Don’t fret! There are many Christian gifts for men that you can consider. He’ll love these items that show not only how much you value him but also remind him of his faith in God. With the help of these gifts, you can encourage him to live his life honoring and giving glory to God.  

So, here’s our list of best Christian gifts for men that they’ll surely appreciate!

Matte Black Coffee Mug with Metallic Font Scripture

Mugs, Christian Gift

Make your husband, father, family, or friend, start their day with a cup of hot coffee and a motivating Bible verse! You can give them this Matte Black Coffee with Metallic Font Scripture! Made of durable stoneware with lead-free and cadmium-free glaze, it is ideal for his manly preference and ensures long-term use! The Bible verse from Jeremiah 20:11 will remind him of God’s promise every time he drinks his favorite coffee. With a finished matte exterior and a high gloss interior with arched handle and golden edge rim accent, he’ll appreciate this! This mug is a perfect gift you can give him on every occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or even a simple appreciation gift.

Kerusso Men’s Be Still and Know T-Shirt 

Men's T-Shirt, Black, Bible Verse

Giving a shirt may be the simplest gift idea ever, yet make it more special by giving him a statement shirt! This Kerusso Men’s Be Still and Know T-Shirt will always remind that God is with him and declare his faith around him. It is a comfy and classic fit shirt is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which he’ll love to wear anytime and anywhere! Psalm 46:10 will serve as a reminder that he can remain calm despite all the storms in his life because God is always there for him. He will never forsake nor leave him. Hence, this is one of the best Christian gifts for men that will help him find peace in God’s presence.

Psalm 84:5 Stainless Steel Travel Mug 

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If he’s a busy person and you want to give him motivation in his work or wherever he is, then this mug is a perfect present for him. This Psalm 84:5 Stainless Steel Travel Mug can help him preserve the hotness or coldness of his favorite drink. Aside from that, the inspiring bible verse from the Book of Psalms will help him have the strength to face whatever situations he’ll encounter for the day. Made of unbreakable grade stainless steel and durable, you can ensure that the mug will remain rust-free and convenient to carry. It is a perfect item you can give on every occasion!

Jeremiah 29:11 Engraved Pen 

Engraved Pen, Christian Gifts

When giving gifts, you’re most likely looking for symbolic and meaningful Christian gifts for a man dear to you. So, this Jeremiah 29:11 Engraved Pen is an ideal gift idea for him! Aside from he can use this daily, it will lead him to trust God and be reminded of his promises. It is a black-colored with silver-toned luxurious fine writing pen with engraved scripture and cross. He’ll surely love using this pen as he signs important documents, organizes his thoughts, and writes in his journal. One of the best Christian gifts you can give, he can bring this pen to his office, house, school, church, or anywhere! Hence, this is one item you must include in your gift ideas!

M Mooham Cross Necklace for Men 

Men Necklace, Christian Gifts

M Mooham Cross Necklace for Men is one of the best Christian gifts you can consider for a special occasion. Made of 316L stainless steel and hypoallergenic, you can ensure this accessory will never tarnish. It is also waterproof, so he can wear it even when taking a shower or swimming. Also, the necklace will not cause any irritation for sensitive skin. It is comfortable to wear anytime and anywhere and can match many outfits! You can give this minimalist fashion jewelry as a gift to birthdays, anniversaries, or baptism! A stylish way to declare his faith to the surrounding people, he’ll love and appreciate this precious meaningful gift! 

Educational Christian Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Children, Gifts, Christian Gifts

Children are probably the easiest to look for gifts since they’ll love and appreciate all the things we’ll give them. We can give them toys, teddy bears, books, coloring books, or even food. However, as adults, one of our roles for the next generation is to guide them to build their faith in God. Hence, when giving them gifts, we can consider offering them things that can help them know and understand God’s goodness. So, you can consider these spiritually educational Christian gift items that you can give the kids important to you! 

Jesus Loves Me Songbook

Songbook, Christian Gift

One of the best Christian gifts for kids, this Jesus Loves Me Songbook is an ideal item you can give them! They’ll surely enjoy singing along with five favorite bible songs. The lyrics for each song include wonderful illustrations, and the matching audio button plays the tune. Aside from learning stories from the Bible in a fun way, this item will help them develop some of their skills. Pushing buttons will help them develop their motor skills, while singing will build early literacy skills! And at a young age, you can encourage them to understand and appreciate God’s love and goodness. Perfect for ages 3 to 5, you can give this as a gift for any occasion such as birthdays, holidays, and more.

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

Gratitude Journal, Kids

While they’re young, make your children develop a heart filled with gratitude for all the blessings they have received and will receive. Hence, you can give them this The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids. This journal will give them space to write all the things they’re grateful for. It will help them focus on being thankful for what they have, see big things in life and the simple joys. A well-designed kid-friendly journal, the daily spreads contain a space to write the three things they’re thankful for. It also includes a space to share the person who brought them joy and how they felt about their day. By giving this to them as a gift, they’ll make it a habit to focus on the blessings they received from God! So, include this on your list of best Christian gifts you’ll give the kids precious to you! 

NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls 

Coloring Bible, Girls, Christian Gifts

NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls is one of the best Christian gifts you can give them! Crafted for girls ages 8 to 12, this beautiful Bible will help them unleash their creativity. Also, it is an opportunity to immerse themselves in God’s word. It also includes sticker sheets and coloring pencils for them to express themselves. It has a complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV), plus 600 verses are illustrated in ready-to-color line art. As they read the Scripture, they can also doodle, color, and write their notes and reflections. This Bible set is perfect for the special young girl in your life! She’ll surely love and cherish this keepsake full of her creative personalized expressions of faith.

If I Could Ask God Anything: Awesome Bible Answers for Curious 

Bible Answers, Book, Kids

Children have curious minds. From the simplest to the most absurd questions you’ll ever think of, they’ll not hesitate to bombard us with these questions to satisfy their curiosity. Hence, when we introduce God’s word to them, they’ll surely ask lots of questions. And to help them find answers to their questions, this If I Could Ask God Anything: Awesome Bible Answers for Curious is perfect for them! The book tackles many questions about the Bible, Jesus, Christianity, and more. It is a child-friendly guide, packed with clear and fresh explanations children of all ages can understand. Perfect for kids ages 7 to 10, this can be an ideal gift that you can give them!

Bible Trivia, Jokes, and Fun Facts for Kids 

Bible Trivia, Christian Gift, Kids, Children

Bible Trivia, Jokes, and Fun Facts for Kids is another fun and educational gift that you can give the kids! This book will make them laugh as they find answers to their curiosity along the way. Aside from that, they can learn and understand God’s words even at a young age. Written by the popular kids’ book author, Troy Schmidt, you can guarantee that this book will entertain children for hours. It has fun chapters such as “He Stands at the Door and Knock Knocks” and “Are You Smarter than King Solomon?”. You can give this as a gift to kids, which they can share with their friends and parents! They can read this together and laugh while learning with the kids too!

Other Christian Gifts for Your Loved Ones! 

Gift Giving, Christian Gifts

There are occasions where we need to give gifts to people whom we care about. Of course, we still want to show our appreciation to these important people in our lives. However, it’s difficult to prepare and find gifts, especially when we’re busy with life. But, here’s a good thing. There are many Christian gifts that we can choose from! These items are useful and meaningful, so our loved ones will like and appreciate these! Aside from that, we can help these people in our lives be reminded of their faith in God and also to help strengthen their relationship with Him. 

And to help you add more gift ideas for your loved ones, you can check this list of Christian gifts! 

Inspirational Word Art Wooden Decoration

Word Art, Christian Gift, Decoration

One of the Christian gifts you can consider giving to your loved ones is the Inspirational Word Art Wooden Decoration. With inspiring bible verses, they will love to hang this on the walls of their houses or offices. They can easily hang it like picture frames, fastened with small brads or dual-sided picture hanging strips. Handcrafted from a top-quality hardwood veneer on plywood, it will surely match any style of their interior. Giving them this decoration is a perfect way to give them motivation and be reminded of God’s promises. This is perfect for anyone, whatever occasion it may be. 

DaySpring Flip Calendar: God’s Promises Day by Day 

Calendar, Christian Gift

Another gift item on our list, this DaySpring Flip Calendar: God’s Promises Day by Day is an ideal gift you can give to people important to you. As a new year comes, this calendar can serve as a symbol of a fresh start. With a padded cover, spiral binding, and easel stand, they can put this anywhere in their houses or offices. It has 366 inspirational messages of encouragement and motivation to the people you’re giving this item. A perfect gift or giveaway for the new year. Many people will love to receive this calendar!

BlankieGram Faith Throw Blanket with Inspirational Thoughts and Prayers

Blanket, Inspiration, Gift

Keep your loved ones warm with this BlankieGram Faith Throw Blanket with Inspirational Thoughts and Prayers! It is made from custom fabric, with a high-thread-count, and printed with inspirational messages. This blanket will surely make a perfect company to warm both the body and the soul. Instead of giving simple items, you can send this super cozy, snuggly blanket to your family and friends. And, if you want to personalize this, you can choose different colors that match their preferences. They’ll feel your affection and support for them! Hence, this blanket is one of the best Christian gifts for them!

Coffee & Jesus Engraved Spoon 

Engraved Spoon, Gift Item

This Coffee & Jesus Engraved Spoon is one of the perfect gifts for your coffee lover, family members, and friends! Made of high-quality stainless metal with an engraved quote, they can use this spoon whenever they drink their favorite coffee. It will also remind them that Jesus Christ is with them every single day. So, if you’re looking for a unique yet useful present for a housewarming, Christmas, or other occasions, this gift is certainly a good idea.

Chanasya 5-Piece Warm Hugs Positive Energy Gift Pack

Gift Pack, Christian Gifts

There are many personalized Christian gifts for your loved ones to show your thoughtfulness. And one of these items is this Chanasya 5-Piece Warm Hugs Positive Energy Gift Pack. The gift pack includes a tote bag, throw blanket, neck pillow, eye mask, and socks available for both men and women. Aside from the warmth and comfort these items can bring, these will also bring a smile to their faces. Also, it has positive messages to encourage them and help them have positive energy. This gift pack is suitable as a gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or something for your sick loved ones. You can choose whatever color you feel the person you’re giving this will like based on his or her preference. 

FreeAlive Bible Tote Bag

Bible Tote Bag, Christian Gift

If your family members or friends are bringing their bibles to church or anywhere, then you can give them this FreeAlive Bible Tote Bag. This Grade-A felt, a thick, medium-sized bag with PU handles, is durable, very soft, yet lightweight. Aside from the bible, it can protect books, files, and other important documents. You can also choose other colors that match the preferences of your loved one. One of the best Christian gifts you must include to your list, your loved ones will surely love receiving this kind of present! They will find this item useful and meaningful as they can bring this with them anytime and anywhere.

Jesus Cross Light Decorations for Wall Light 

Light Decorations for Wall, Christian Gift

A stylish decoration for the houses of the people important to you, this Jesus Cross Light Decorations for Wall Light is a perfect gift choice for them! It has seven different colors that can stay on one color or rotate through all of them. The acrylic flat panel and special design of the electric circuit will give them a fascinating visual illusion. Also, it is designed for children to learn and have fun. The lamp has a power button on the base, which can turn on/off and change colors, and remote control for brightness change. They can use it as a bedside lamp that they and their children can enjoy and have a sweet and warm night. It will also remind them of Jesus Christ and his importance in their lives.

Dowan 18 Oz Large Coffee Mugs 

Coffee Mugs, Christian Gifts

These Dowan 18 Oz Large Coffee Mugs are some of the best Christian gifts for your loved ones! A stylish mug made of strong, high-quality ceramic, they can use this for their favorite coffee, tea, or other drinks. It is suitable for hot and cold drinks and microwave safe. The mugs have engraved inspiring words such as blessed and grateful. They will also be reminded to look forward to their day because God is faithful. Ideal for drinking coffee or other drinks during Bible reading time, these mugs are perfect gifts to show your gratitude to your loved ones. You can give them these mugs during thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas gifts, or other occasions. 

Christian Metal Rotates The Cross Key Chain 

Cross Keychain, Cross, Keychain

Remind your loved ones of the symbolic meaning of the cross with this Christian Metal Rotates The Cross Key Chain. Made of high grade polished silver 304 stainless steel, it is one of the best Christian gifts you can consider giving to your family members and friends. It is easy to attach and remove, usable, durable, and stylish hence they can put it anywhere they want. You can ensure that it is simple, user-friendly, high quality, light, and handy! This cross keychain will remind your loved ones of the beautiful story of salvation that Jesus did on the cross. It is also perfect for giveaways during thanksgiving, birthdays, and even Christmas. 

Ldurian Christian Keychain with Bible Verse

Christian Keychain, Christian Gift

As your loved ones check their house or car keys, make them smile with this Ldurian Christian Keychain with Bible Verse. It has a bible verse from Isaiah 58:11 that says wherever God guides us, he will provide. Made of stainless steel from recyclable materials, lead-free, and nickel-free, it is safe to use and not harmful to health. Hence, this is one of the best Christian gifts you can give to your loved ones! Let this item serve as a reminder for them of God’s faithfulness and goodness in their lives! It also comes with a beautiful package and card to help you wrap this in a more personalized way. 

Christian Gifts That Comes From the Heart 

Gift Giving, Gift, Giving

The bible gives high importance to giving to others. There are many bible verses about giving that reminds us that as God blesses us, we can also be a channel of blessing to others. Whether it’s a simple present or a grand gift, what’s important is it comes sincerely from our hearts. Here are some of the best Christian gifts you must consider giving to your loved ones. Aside from you showing your love and appreciation to them, your gifts can also help them be reminded of their faith in God! Remember, it’s always the thought that counts! 

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