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Pray for One Another: The Biblical Truth Pray for One Another: The Biblical Truth

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Pray for One Another: The Biblical Truth

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To Pray for One Another is every Christian's accountability as part of the Body of Christ. Find out what happens as we pray for one another.

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Most of God’s miracles and powerful movements are answers to persistent and fervent prayers. He moves when we surrender to His power and authority. He moves when we directly seek His plan and will. When we start desiring things for His glory and His people, He moves. When things we call on seem impossible, that’s when He steps in and makes things possible.

Praying for our personal needs and the needs of others draws us closer to God. But, praying for one another also holds us stronger together as family and friends, pulling us even closer to God. With this action, we are hitting two birds with one stone. You wanna be close to God and to His people? One important key to this is prayer. The Bible teaches us to pray for one another (1 Timothy 2:1). It is also called intercession, a selfless prayer.

Reasons to Pray for One Another

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It matters that we completely grasp the significance of prayer. It is the same with understanding the reason why every Christian should pray for one another. Realizing the reason for doing something will drive one into actual moving. Here are some Biblical reasons why Christians ought to pray for one another:

We are Commanded to Pray for One Another

Apostle James instructed the early Christian churches to pray for one another. He understood the power of prayer, the strength it holds when we pray together (Matthew 18:20). Hence, he commanded the churches to pray in any circumstance. In the preceding verses of James Chapter 5, the Apostle James tells Christians to respond in prayer for every circumstance they face. May it be difficult or cheerful, Christians ought to pray. And as they pray, they should also have members of their church praying with them for support. The church is the people and the body of Christ.

James’ reason for praying for one another is this: that you may be healed. This healing concerns physical illness, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It includes all the pains that we can have in this world. James had a full picture of what prayer can do. He wanted the followers of Christ to realize this as well, so he directed it. Most people pray as a last resort. However, this should not be so. Prayer should come first because God’s power is greater than ours. Even Jesus taught His disciples to pray (Matthew 5:5-14). He gave specific teachings on how to pray and what to pray for. Christians are commanded to pray for one another. It isn’t an option. Not even a decision. It is a commandment.

We are Accountable to Pray for One Another

To pray for one another is a Christian’s responsibility. Belonging to the Body of Christ means becoming a part of it. Each part is accountable for every part. 1 Corinthians 12:26 says that if one part suffers, every part suffers with it. There should be unity in diversity as each body part is different, but by working together, many things can be accomplished. God gives each individual a special gift, and with this gift, we should use it to help each other, to work together as one body. In his letters, Apostle Paul asked the church of Romans to join him with his struggles through prayer.

Paul asked for prayers amid his suffering. James started to pray for one another that there may be healing. Paul needed healing. Perhaps, from emotional anguish, physical discomfort, or spiritual agony. Whatever it is, he needed the support of his brothers and sisters in faith.

Sometimes, sharing the pains of others may require praying for them. Some members of your church might be struggling right now and what they need best, is prayers and support. Or it can be that it is you who needs their prayers today. As part of the body of Christ, it is our accountability to pray for others and the Church.

What Happens When We Pray for One Another?

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2 Corinthians 1 You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.

A collective prayer of believers of God is full of power. There is dominance in the unity of the body of Christ. Unity alone is mighty enough to overcome circumstances impossible for one man. Moreover, a prayer itself can move valleys and hills. How intensive can it be with prayers and harmony combined? What breathtaking things can happen when we pray for one another?

Answers Start to Flow

Jesus Himself promised these words in the Book of Matthew. He explained that in the body of Christ, the agreement of two believers is stronger than the superficial agreement among many non-believers. This is because these two believers have the Holy Spirit within them. They will pray according to God’s will. The previous verse tells us that whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven. This describes the decisions of the church during times of conflict. All problems should be solved in a godly manner, based on the discernment of God’s word. In the same way, whatever we lose on earth by prayer will be loose in heaven. He is in the midst of those gathered in His name and He promised us this.

Whenever we come before God with our prayers for one another, He listens and answers. Psalm 133:1-3 tells us that God bestows his blessing to His people who are in unity. The same verse describes how pleasing and pleasant to God this unity of believers. A prayer made with and for others is extremely effective.

Hearts Start to Grow

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Drawing closer to God through prayers for others makes our heart grow fonder for the sake of others. One fact about praying for one another is that we cannot do it alone. We need God’s spirit to give us adequate love, concern, and compassion. Devoting our time in prayers for others molds our hearts into the likeness of His heart.

The transforming power of Christ is living in us. As we give ourselves for others into praying, He transforms us into the being He designed us to be. As stated earlier, praying for others may sometimes mean sharing the pains and sufferings of others. This is not a pleasant feeling, but it does allow us to grow. Through these feelings and experiences, we grow in faith, hope, and love.

As we pray, it matters that we know exactly what others want and need to pray for. We are to ask them. Once we knew and start to pray for it, we develop a compassionate and concern attitude toward others. And, this is the heart of God. He comes to those who need love, comfort, and acceptance.

Strongholds Start to Shatter

During the persecution of the early Christian churches, King Herod Agrippa arrested Apostle Peter. Herod imprisoned him and planned to put Peter in trial after the Passover. The king’s plan, however, was spoiled. An angel appeared before Peter and rescued him from the cell. How did this happen? By God’s authority as His people pray for Peter. The church prays earnestly before the Lord and He heard their cries.

Prayers can break chains no matter how massive it is. Our spiritual stronghold may include sins that we cannot turn our backs from. It may also be our pains in the past, resentment, and guilt. To destroy these shackles will cost us only a time of prayer. This is because only in prayer, do we find peace and freedom.

Burdens Start to Fall

The best way to lighten one’s burden is to share it with others. Christians ought to bear each other’s burdens. This is what brotherly love is all about. Even when things seem uncomfortable, you are still willing to help carry the burdens of those you love and care for. You do it because you have the love for Christ. And you do it for your brothers and sisters whom you love in Christ; those who are in need of prayers. However, the truth is, we all desperately need prayers. Once we share each other’s burdens through our prayers, everyone’s load will never feel the same again. It will be lifted as we support each other.

Breakthroughs Start to Rise

If you want to see breakthroughs in your community, church, and family, it is the time to start praying for them. To pray for one another is a commitment that needs to be practiced if we want to see mountains move and waters part. There is no heart too hard for Jesus to break. There are no problems too big for Him. He is not dependent on what we asked of Him but an earnest prayer from His children is a key to opening doors for breakthroughs.

When we pray for one another, we are starting to open doors for new movements coming from Him. Let us make the best use of this honor and accountability we have in Christ. May we realize along the way of our prayer journey that when we start to focus on others’ needs of prayer, that’s when we start to realign our heart to God.

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