Section II: Christian Organizations

Section II: Christian Organizations

Section II: Christian Organizations

Domain Directory of Christian Organizations and Educational Institutions

Section II: Organizations

v.1.94 – Feb. 10, 1999

This directory has been developed to encourage interchange among Christian organizations and their members. It includes only organizations with a domain name (ie. one that would have a number of users at a particular domain).

Requests for information may be directed to for each domain name listed below. Where postmaster is not a valid alias an alternate is listed. The latest version of this guide is available via web or anonymous ftp from as pub/resources/christian-directory.txt. Additional addresses or corrections should be directed to John Brubaker or Gary Bogart at

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AD 2000 Business Executives Consultation (*)
Affiliation of Christian Geologists
Africa Inland Mission Canada aim-can@aim-
Africa Inland Mission International (AIM)
Air Serve International
All Ethnos Communications Network (*)
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE)
American Baptist Church
The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) (*)
American Family Association (*)
American Scientific Affiliation
American Theological Library Association
American Tract Society (*)
The Amy Foundation (*)
Anglican Frontier Missions
Answers in Action
Antiochian Evangelical Orthodox Mission
Artists for Israel (*)
Asia Lutheran Hour Press Service
Asia Pacific Education Office
Asian Minorities Outreach (*)
Assemblies of God Church (USA) (*)
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
Association for International Missions Services (AIMS)
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
The Association of Christian Schools International
Association of Christian Teachers (UK)
Association of Lutheran Church Musicians
Back to the Bible
Baptist Bible Fellowship International
Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples
Baptist World Mission
Barnabas International
Berean Christian Information Service
Berean Missionary Outreach
Bethany Christian Services (*)
Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.
The Bible League
Bible Literature International (*)
Bible Literature International (BLI) (*)
Bible Society in Australia
Bible Society in Western Australia (*)
Bible Society of Maine
Bible Studies Foundation (*)
Bible Study Hour
Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped International
Biblical Counseling Association (*)
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Breakpoint Radio (*)
Brethern in Christ Church Canadian Conference
Brother’s Keeper
The Bruderhof Communities/ Hutterian Brethren (*)
Calvary Chapel (Costa Mesa, CA)
Calvary Chapel Online
Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada
Campus Crusade for Christ, International (*)
Canadian and American Reformed Churches
Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (*)
Canadian Food For the Hungry
Canadian Perspective Christian Radio
Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation
Caring Action for Children, Inc. (*)
CBInternational (CB International)
Center for Biblical Literacy
Centre for Bible Translation in Africa
Centre for Mission Direction
The Chalcedon Foundation (*)
Challenge International
Channel to Brazil for Christ (CBC)
China Alliance Press
Chinese Conference on Global Evangelism (CCOW)
Christian Aid Canada (*)
Christian Aid USA
Christian and Missionary Alliance Missions
Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. (*)
The Christian Business Network – ICCC
Christian Businessmen Canada
Christian Coalition
Christian Educators’ Association International
The Christian Farmers
Christian Financial Concepts (*)
Christian History Institute
Christian Legal Society
Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship (Hong Kong)
Christian Military Fellowship
Christian Mission for China & 10/40 Window
Christian Missionary Fellowship
Christian Reformed Church (North America) (*)
Christian Research Institute (*)
The Christian Star TBBS
Church Leadership International
Church of the Brethren
Church of the Nazarene (International) (*)
CNet info@CNet.Org (*)
Coastlands Foursquare Church (CA)
Commission, Inc. 102631.3510@CompuServe.COM
Compassion International
Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
Creation Research Society
Delta Ministries International
The Dove Foundation (*)
Eden Communications / Films for Christ
Educational Concerns for Hunger (ECHO) (*)
El Hogar (*)
Emmaus Road International (*)
Episcopal Synod of America
Episcopalian Church Missionary Community
The Evangelical Christian Publishers’ Association (*)
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Evangelical Press Association
Every Home for Christ
Family Research Council (*)
Far Eastern Broadcasting Company Chinese Ministries
Far Eastern Broadcasting Company (FEBC)
Far Eastern Broadcasting Company Korea
Far Eastern Broadcasting Company Russia
Far Eastern Broadcasting Company Vietnam
Fellowship of Indonesian Christians in America
Fellowship of Saint Barnabas
Focus on the Family
Food For the Hungry International
Foreign Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention
Foundations of Christian Leadership
Foursquare Missions International
France Mission
Francis A. Schaeffer Institute
The Free Church of Scotland
Frontier Centre
Frontier Youth Trust
GLINT International
Global Air Logistics
Global Evangelization Movement (GEM)
Global Mapping, International (GMI)
Goshen: Global Online Service Helping Evangelize Nations
Gospel Communications Network (*)
Gospel for Asia (*)
Grace to You Ministries (*)
Gramcord Institute (WA)
Greater Europe Mission (GEMUSA)
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese (NA/ South America) (*)
HCJB World Radio
Home Life Ministries (UK)
Hope for Europe (HFE)
In Touch Ministries (*)
Independent Fundamental Churches of America
India Gospel League
Inland Empire 2000 & Beyond
Institute for Christian Leadership
Institute for Creation Research (*)
Interact Ministries
Intercristo (*)
International Bible Society (*)
International Christian Chamber of Commerce (*)
International Christian Concern
International Christian Contacts Ministries
International Christian Media Commission
International Christian Mission (ICM)
International Church of the Four Square Gospel
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
International Institute for Christian Studies
International Needs
International Prison Ministry
International Students, Inc.
International Teams
International Union of Gospel Missions (*)
InterServe Australia
InterServe Canada
InterServe India
InterServe International
InterServe Ireland
InterServe Korea
InterServe Netherlands
InterServe New Zealand
InterServe Scotland
InterServe United Kingdom
InterServe USA InterServe@xc.or
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IV)
JAARS (Jungle Aviation & Research Service)
The James Begg Society
Japan International Food For the Hungry
Japan Lutheran Hour
The JapanNet
Jews for Jesus
Jews for Jesus
JMS Missions Centre (Germany)
John Templeton Foundation
Jubilee Christian Center (CA) (*)
King’s Kids International
Korea Computer Mission (*)
Korean Center for World Missions (*)
Lamb & Lion Ministries
Laud Hall Seminary (FL)
Lausanne Committee on World Evangelism
Leadership University
LIFE Ministries
LifeWater International (*)
rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”Light of the World Churches
The Lockman Foundation
Lutheran Bible Translators
Lutheran Braille Workers, Inc.
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) (*)
Lutheran Hour International Ministries
Lutheran Hour Ministries (USA)
The MacLaurin Institute
MAF CrossConnect Info@XC.Org
Mandate Ministries
MAP International
Medical Ambassadors International
Medical Ministry International (*)
Mekong Development Foundation
Mennonite Central Committee (*)
Mercy Ships
Ministry of Helps (*)
Mission Aviation Fellowship (*)
Mission Media Productions
Mission: Moving Mountains
Mission of Joy, Ltd.
Mission Possible Foundation
Mission to Unreached Peoples
Missionary Training International
The Missions Hotline
Missions to Military, Inc.
The Moravian Church
MorningStar Technical Services
Moving Mountains
National Association of State and Regional Bible Societies (*)
National Council of Churches (*)
National Religious Broadcasters (*)
Navigators of Canada National Campus Mission
Nazarene Church (Northern CA.) (*)
Nehemiah Trustees Covenant Fund
Network of International Christian Schools
New Life Counselors, Inc.
New Life League
New Tribes Missions (NTM)
No-Debt Living
OC International
Ocean International (*)
Officers’ Christian Fellowship
OMF Australia
OMF British Isles
OMF Canada
OMF Germany
OMF Hong Kong
OMF International
OMF Korea
OMF Netherlands
OMF New Zealand
OMF Southern Africa
OMF Switzerland
Open Door Baptist Mission
Open Doors Australia
Open Doors Brazil (Portas Abertas Brazil)
Open Doors France (Portes Ouvertes France)
Open Doors Germany
Open Doors Holland
Open Doors International Field Operations
Open Doors Italy (Porte Aperte Italy)
Open Doors New Zealand
Open Doors Norway (Åpne DØrer Norway)
Open Doors Philippines odphil@cyber.cyb-
Open Doors South Africa
Open Doors Switzerland (Portes Ouvertes Switzerland)
Open Doors UK and Ireland
Open Doors USA
Open Doors With Brother Andrew (Canada) (*)
Operation Mobilisation (*)
Operation Mobilization Africa
Operation Mobilization Australia
Operation Mobilization Belgium
Operation Mobilization Canada
Operation Mobilization European Coordinator (Austria)
Operation Mobilization Germany
Operation Mobilization India
Operation Mobilization International Computer Office
Operation Mobilization International UK (Carlisle)
Operation Mobilization International (UK:Forest Hill)
Operation Mobilization Literature Warehouse (GA)
Operation Mobilization LUKE UK (Halesowen)
Operation Mobilization Malaysia
Operation Mobilization Netherlands
Operation Mobilization New Zealand
Operation Mobilization Office of George Verwer
Operation Mobilization Philippines
Operation Mobilization South Korea
Operation Mobilization Switzerland
Operation Mobilization Taiwan
Operation Mobilization UK
Operation Mobilization USA (Atlanta)
Operation Mobilization Vehicle Base (Belgium)
Operation Rescue National
Operationa Mobilization Hong Kong
Orange County Rescue Mission (Orange Co., CA)
Orthodox Christian Religious Foundation
Outreach Missions, Inc.
Overlake Christian Church (*)
PathFinders Education Foundation
Peter and Jill Mehl Ministries International
Pilots for Christ Interantional
Pioneers International
Pioneers Japan
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Presbyterian Inland Mission
Prison Congregations of America
Prison Fellowship International
Prison Fellowship Ministries (*)
Probe Ministries
Radio Bible Class
Ravi Zacharias Internatinal Ministries
Reasoning with the Scriptures
Red Sea Mission Team Australia
Red Sea Mission Team Canada
Red Sea Mission Team Germany rstgermany@t-
Red Sea Mission Team International
Red Sea Mission Team Netherlands
Red Sea Mission Team New Zealand
Red Sea Mission Team Switzerland
Red Sea Mission Team UK
Red Sea Mission Team USA
Reformed Episcopal Church
The Reformed Network
The Roloff Ministries
Russian Ministry Network (RMN)
The Rutherford Institute (*)
Saint Andrew Armenian Church (*)
The Salvation Army
Scandinavian Children’s Mission (The Philippines)
Scripture Union International
Scripture Union (Malaysia, unofficial) (*)
Scripture Union (NT, Australia)
Scripture Union (Scotland)
Scripture Union (UK)
SEND Canada 102232,
SEND International
SGM International
The Shalom Israel Foundation
Slavic Gospel Association
SONshine Ministries
Source of Light Ministries
South Bay Churches (*)
Southern Baptist Convention
Spiritual Counterfeits Project
Stand to Reason (*)
StraightWay International
Summer Institute of Linguistics
Survival Ministries
Sydney Centre for World Missions
Taiwan Mission Fellowship
Teen Rescue
Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN)
Third World Baptist Missions
The Traditional Episcopal Church
Trans World Radio (*)
Tyndale House, Inc.
United Church Board for Homeland Ministry (*)
United Church of Canada
United Church of Christ
United Indian Missions (UIM)
United Methodist Church (*)
United States Center for World Missions
Urbana (*)
The Voice of the Martyrs
Way of Life (*)
Wesleyan World Missions
Western Center for Small Church Health
White Harvest Foundation
Woman’s Missionary Union (*)
Word of Life Fellowship
World Council of Churches (*)
World Gospel Mission
World Prayer Net (*)
World Radio Missionary Fellowship
World Relief WorldRelief@XC.Org
World Team
World Team Australia
World Team Canada
World Team United States
The World, the Word and You! Broadcast (*)
World Vision, Australia
World Vision, Canada
World Vision, Hong Kong
World Vision, International (*)
World Vision, Russia/ Belarus
World Vision, U.S. (*)
World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions (WWNTBM)
Worldnet Grace Ministries jtatum1@village.ios.comO
Worldwide Discipleship Association
Wycliffe Associates (UK) (*)
Wycliffe Associates (US)
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Xenos Christian Fellowship (*)
Youth Development International
Youth With a Mission International (YWAM) (*)
Zondervan Publishing House

(*) indicates that a host exists but the postmaster alias is not yet verified

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