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Top Things To Do On Good Friday Morning Top Things To Do On Good Friday Morning

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Top Things To Do On Good Friday Morning

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Good Friday morning traditions that you can actually do at home. Take a look at these interesting ideas to spice up your Good Friday morning.

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Good Friday commemorates one of the most historical days in Christian history. It marks the day of Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross as He sacrificed his life to take away the sin of the world.  However, there’s a paradox here. Despite its dark account of Jesus’ suffering and death, it is still considered a good day. Today, there are various debates on the name of Good Friday amongst Christians. Some speculate that the name ‘Good Friday’ receives its origin from God’s Friday which has changed throughout time. Nevertheless, the core of this observance still points Christians into the good news brought by the death of Jesus. When we wake up in the solemn daylight of Good Friday morning, we remember one thing. We remember that Jesus is our savior who has taken away the sins of the world so that we may have redemption. This is just but a good day in any way.

As we bear in mind the true context of Good Friday, we’ll have crisp ideas on how to make this day meaningful. Although fun and boisterous celebration are not restricted, this day still reflects a moment of mourning and sorrow. Hence, Good Friday encourages a serene remembrance of Christ’s passion on the cross. There are several ways of joyfully commemorating this day without the need for extravagant events. The world is full of excessive gatherings and loud celebrations. Every once in awhile, everyone needs a pause from all of these and find a simple and intimate way of sharing time and happiness.

Good Friday steers our hearts into the kind of celebration that remembers Jesus’ suffering and our salvation. With this, we can know that exciting activities await us from Good Friday morning. Even without associating the observance with the world, it’s the perfect time to rewire our gladness on the joy set before us. Here are the top things to do on Good Friday Morning to set off a momentous remembrance.


Good Friday Morning Prayer

man praying

Photo by Aaron Burden

The best way to start a Good Friday morning is through prayer. Actually, the best way to start your morning is by spending time with God through prayer. It is a wonderful gift we have as it allows us to have direct communication with God. Prayer also gives us a distinct privilege of reaching God in a very intimate manner, for the Lord values the time we spend with Him. If you’ve lost your connection with God, Good Friday morning is the perfect day to rekindle your relationship with Him again. Indeed, the Lord is a gracious God who opens the door for those who knock and gives to those who ask (Matthew 7:8). Starting the day with prayer presents us with a good starting point. It set our eyes on God and His mighty works.

The sacrifice Jesus gave on the cross is what Good Friday reminisces. Traditionally, solemn observances are associated with Good Friday. And the best way to find serenity on this occasion is to come before Jesus, the prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6). Good Friday morning is a timely break from our normal mornings where we can bask in a lovely sunrise as we spend time with God. Isn’t it lovelier devoting this time to the true object of the occasion? You can even choose between having personal prayer time with God or sharing a time of prayer with your family.

Good Friday morning is never complete without an utterance of gratitude towards the love revealed on the cross of Calvary. This same love has torn the veil that allows us to appeal to God by faith (Mark 15:38). This same love of Christ gives us access to communicate with God no matter where we are, by prayer.


Good Friday Morning Reflection

Everybody needs a break. This break that a Good Friday proposes is a meaningful rest. The kind of one that refreshes the soul. The crisp style of recharging a weary mind. A halt that allows the mind to think of better things, not worry but a reflection.  Life needs contemplation at certain points. Pauses allow the soul to breathe. Breaks give enough time for the body to rest and the mind to relax. When everybody is moving, it counts to stop for a while and reconnect with one’s self. Most of the time, we lose treasures deep within because of unbroken duties outside in the world. But Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33). It won’t cause us much to take a breath and reflect on a Good Friday morning.

Reflection does us two things. First, it lets us examine our decisions in life, our past action, and even those that we’re still about to do. It gives us a clear perspective on the things that we do and don’t do. Therefore, basically, allowing us to assess our life. Second, reflection allows us to meditate on God’s word and promises. Meditating scripture is both beneficial and workable.

The Bible on the Book of Joshua 1:8 instructs to meditate on the Word of God day and night. Hence, pondering on God’s truth is an act of obedience. At the same time, contemplating the Word of God is gain for the spirit and soul. It nourishes the spirit of the way food nourishes the body. Sometimes things of the world cannot satiate the dryness we feel within because it needs nourishment more than food. This is how essential Good Friday morning reflection is.


Have Hot Cross Buns for Breakfast

Good Friday morning - hot cross buns

Photo by Sainsbury’s Recipes

Add a different flavor on your breakfast table with the hot cross buns. Raisins, currants, and other fruits like citron spiced these sweet buns. The bread is usually made from a yeast dough. A cross mark decorates the bread’s top made of light frosting. Others only use a knife imprint for the cross marks. This cross signifies the crucifixion of Jesus which the Good Friday commemorates. Conversely, the spices inside the hot cross buns indicate the spices used for Jesus’ body on His entombment. This burial custom of putting spices on a corpse is a well-known Jewish tradition.

This bread is traditionally available only during the Lent season particularly Good Friday. Today, it is available all year round in various countries. It is most popular in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, United States, New Zealand, and Ireland.

In the 16th century, the time of Queen Elizabeth I, she prohibited the selling of the hot cross buns and other spiced bread. She banned the sale excluding burials, Good Friday, and Christmas. Later on, these buns became a popular bread for Good Friday Morning.


Attend Good Friday Service 

Different churches have a varying approach to Good Friday service. In any case, you won’t want to miss this service exclusively arranged in observance of Good Friday. As a practice, Catholics remove all that is in the altar during this day. They also have this tradition of kissing the crucifix as their expression of thanksgiving and worship to God. On the other hand, Protestant churches hold special services between 12 noon to 3:00 pm. It is their way of commemorating the hours Jesus was on the cross. Scholars say that this time is the most sacred hours during Good Friday. Moreover, it is sometimes called as the three hours of agony. Various churches may encourage observance of silence for a time during these special services.


Observe Simple Ways of Sacrifice

woman using phone

Photo by pixabay

During this season, Christians observe sacrifices in honor of the sorrow and sacrifices of Jesus. When people think that sacrifices have to be big acts, it suddenly becomes difficult to happen. We dwell more on the mass of the activity rather than its essence. Good Friday morning is a time to look back at reason before action. Sacrifices start with simple acts of selflessness. Nonetheless, sacrifice is seeking other’s interests before his or her own individual interests.

As the sacrificial Lamb of God, Jesus’ sacrifice was beyond repressing the flesh. He gave His life to save ours from eternal damnation. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, we can also offer sacrifices that will please God. During the 40 days Jesus fasted, He desolated himself from the world and forsake his body from food. Was it easy? Definitely not. But that is the principle of sacrifice. If it is comfortable, then it is not a sacrifice. True sacrifice will challenge you to feel unpleasant, uncomfortable, and difficult.

There are simple ways to observe sacrifices and fasting in the modern world. As the generation advances, the challenge of indulgence varies. It is the best time to fast from using your gadgets and social media devices on Good Friday morning. As a substitute for fasting from an entire day meal, children can abstain from their favorite food. You can also fast from eating unhealthy snacks that have become part of your daily diet. However, there are some Christians who choose to follow the example of Daniel; fasting with only eating vegetables and fruits (Daniel 1:8-11).

As you can see, there are numerous ways to observe fasting. Besides, you can have your own simple sacrifice on Good Friday morning. Since you better know yourself than anyone else, that would be strategic.


Watch Relevant Christian Movies

man holding a remote control

Photo by Jeshoots.com from pexels

Good Friday is a good day to watch movies that relates to the love and life of Jesus. Movies allow us to visualize the actual sufferings of Jesus. Therefore, it helps us utterly understand the essence and weight of what He did on the cross. Christian movies relating to Good Friday can also inspire us to reflect on the works of Jesus and the sins that we’ve committed against Him. If you desire to witness the life and miracles of Jesus, there are various movies that you can choose from. Spend the day with your loved one with these well-liked God Friday and Easter movies.

The Passion of the Christ

Considered as the most popular Christian film since 2004, The Passion of the Christ narrates the story of Jesus’ life, suffering, and sorrow. This film is popular for genuine emotion and brutal depiction of the crucifixion and violence against Jesus. Although some debate its ruthlessness, the movie only shows the historical impacts of religion. Yet, this controversial 2004 film captures the hearts of many into realizing the burden Christ has carried for the world. There is no doubt that numerous lives have been touched by this film. 

Son of God 

This feature film of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey is a narration of the entire life of Jesus. It captures the time of Jesus on earth from His birth to His resurrection. The movie also tackles the ministry of Jesus for three years. Spectators have admired the Son of God movie for its good storytelling that lucidly shows how the entire life of Christ heads for His key mission on the cross.  


The film Risen unlike other movies depicting the life of Jesus marks a creative narrative. It does not have the raw storyline of Christ’s life and His ministry. Rather, it takes a story of a Roman tribune instructed by Pontius Pilate to investigate the disappearance of Jesus’ body. Upon his journey of investigation, the truth surprised him in a manner he never envisioned. Trying to find the reason behind the disappearing body of Jesus, he instead found a far better truth. The film used an approach from an outside perspective which draws viewers into great curiosity and connection. Movies become more interesting when people watching it can relate. Risen utilized this approach to capture its audience.

There are other interesting Christian movies you can watch for a memorable Good Friday morning. If you want a full checklist, click here.


Have A Great morning On Good Friday

There are fun and intimate bonding moments with loved ones throughout the year. In the same manner, there is joy in devoting one’s self to peace after tedious days of work. Indeed, there is beauty in the simplicity of things for not all extravagance satisfies longing. However, in the same way, not all quietness is uninteresting. Good Friday morning allows Christians to realize this by allotting time on the simplest things yet matters more than earthly things. This day should truly remind us about Jesus’ suffering so that we may live a Godly life, following the examples of Jesus. Have a wonderful Good Friday morning!


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