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What Is Predicted To Happen In The End Times? What Is Predicted To Happen In The End Times?

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What Is Predicted To Happen In The End Times?

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The End Times is both the most-awaited and most feared moment of our lives. Here is everything we need to know about its what, why and how's.

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When we hear the word “end times”, we can either feel fear, excitement or a reasonable combination of both. For many years, people are constantly trying to debunk what is bound to happen when the “end times” arrive. So far, however, all of these predictions have been proven to be inaccurate and inconsistent. This is where people get it wrong. Matthew 24:35-37 tells us that no one can predict or have a single clue about the said moment. But, at the same time, the Bible also informs us of what is to happen when the moment arrives. It can be terrifying, beautiful, or a moment of great anticipation for us; but we can’t take away one thing – It is going to happen, and here’s what the Bible tells us about it.

When Is The End?

When we think of the words “final” and “last moment”, we think of death. But, dying is just the tip of the iceberg. When the rapture (end times) happens, everyone is heading for one of two destinations; one with the reunion of Christ Jesus and one leading towards the fiery depths of hell. The rapture is the second coming of Jesus. If we look into the Bible, the topic of His Return has always been used to warn or remind us to be responsible and wise in our earthly actions. See, this is the greatest day of mankind. Nothing trumps this. This is the day when we can finally meet our Savior.  However, the sight of those who choose to deny God will not be the same as those who believe and serve Him. Here’s what we can expect to happen as described in the Bible.

The World Will Experience “Birth Pains”

As Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives, His disciples asked Him what the signs are going to be when the end comes and of the day He’ll return. Jesus then said that there will be many terrifying events which will only be the beginning of “birth pains”. To be specific, Luke 21:11 points to earthquakes, famines, pestilence, and various other catastrophes; while Matthew 24:7 says kingdoms and nations are going to rise against each other. This is going to be the manner of how the rapture is going to begin. Now, the initial reaction would be fear because these occurrences are far from pleasant. But compared to what God has for those who believe Him, the beginning of birth pains is nothing to an eternity of a perfect life with God in His Kingdom.

There Will Be Division

Luke 17:35 hints at how the end is going to take place. It states that “two women will be grinding grain together: One will be taken and the other left.” Interpreting this statement, it can pertain to division. For example, in a group of four friends, two will be in God’s Kingdom while the other two will not. God knows the future as He is its creator. He already knows that there will be many who will choose to deny Him.

Aside from this verse being a depiction of what is going to take place, we should also see it as a mission. One thing we cannot do is turn back time. If there a blind person unknowingly walked through a house under great fire, would you not warn them of what’s ahead? When the end has come, we can no longer convince people to save themselves. This should be something we Christians should dwell on. We should make it our mission to reach out to the unbelievers.

There Will Be No More Love

At the end, when sinners arrive in hell, there will be no more love. Don’t get it twisted, the Lord loves sinners but hates sin (Romans 5:8). Unfortunately, hell is the destination for those sinners who deny God. The Lord repels hell and sin because He is Holy. Love streams only from God. Therefore, His absence equates to the absence of love. Instead of loving, these people are constantly angry, bitter, and tense.  Likewise, people who reside in hell are eternally restless.

Non-believers may think that hell is not hostile for humans to inhabit. There are several statements about how staying in that fiery environment is “okay” since their favorite artists, singers, and people are probably in hell too. What these people don’t understand is how appreciation and love are impossible in hell. When the end times arrive, no matter how much we love someone, if their fate is to be in hell, we will be eternally separated.

On the other hand, those who successfully arrive in the Kingdom of God will experience the opposite. In God’s Kingdom, there will no longer be hate, insecurities, envy, and other distasteful emotions. There will only be love. This is why the Lord’s Place is called “paradise”. The amount of love and peace there will never run out! Imagine how beautiful that is!

Hell’s Lake Of Fire

“Hot” or “fiery” is an understatement when it comes to describing hell. Revelation 20:15 warns us that those who are not written in the Book of Life are going to be thrown into the lake of fire. But, this is no ordinary fire. The heat is going to be unbearable and the fire itself cannot be stopped. If getting burns are painful, hell’s lake of fire is going to burn every part of the body forever.

This sounds like a threat but, it does not have to be this way. It’s not like we are born in this world to go to hell. As long as we are living, we should prepare for the day the Lord returns. Many say that there will be more sinners thrown in this lake than believers welcomed in Heaven. We are given the opportunity to save others and ourselves from this eternal torture. With the time we have now, let’s choose a perfect tomorrow with the reunion of our Creator. Our limited lifetime here on Earth is not even half as wide as the eternal life we have after the end times.

End Times

There Will Be No Rest in Hell

Revelation 14:11 says that those who worship the enemy will be under great torment with the inability to rest or sleep. At the end of times, those who are in hell are going to be up all day and all night in its unbearable environment. Rest is a beautiful blessing. We feel energized, uplifted, and active the moment we wake up no matter how terrible yesterday was. But in hell, this is no longer possible. It will be an eternity of punishment without a single second of pause.

This is also the reason why people in hell are easily irritated and angered. Even if they want to sleep, they can’t. And because of how restless they are, they are going to fight each other day and night while experiencing unimaginable heat from hell’s lake of fire. Have you encountered a time where you lack sleep? You tend to lose your mood after inadequate sleep, right? Imagine that for eternity. The time we have today to rest in the Lord is a blessing we should try our best to keep. We have time to save ourselves and the people around us. Let’s strive to rest happily when the end time arrives.

There is No Escape from Hell

Luke 16:26 illustrates how people can no longer cross from their destination to God’s. Heaven and hell are two different destinations. The concept behind this truth is firm and immovable. There will be an eternal separation between these two places. Hell is like a dark room where once someone is inside, they cannot get out no matter how hard they plead and beg for their freedom. Aside from hell being an inescapable destination, it is also a dungeon for eternal misery. Opposite to hell is God’s Kingdom where people are eternally bounded by happiness and safety with God.

This is really striking, isn’t it? Imagine being stuck in a place where no mercy nor compassion is allowed forever. But, here’s the good news- Jesus died so that we can live for eternity. The Blood of Jesus Christ opened the Gates of Heaven where even we, as sinners, can pass through. He is like our golden ticket to Heaven. But, here’s the condition- We can’t just get a ticket to a movie without buying it. So, we get our ticket to Heaven by accepting Jesus into our hearts. However, unlike ticket booths, the love of our Lord comes with no charges. It is FREE. Additionally, unlike movies that last for an hour or two, our life in Heaven lasts forever.

The Ability To Fly

Flying is every person’s dream. Imagine being able to use your body to rise in the vast blanket of clouds. If being on a seat near an airplane window can give you enough site of the clouds’ beauty, imagine being able to do so with only your body as the vessel! This is a small detail of what is found in the Bible regarding the end times (1 Thessalonians 4:17). If you think flying is pleasant. Hear this out; not only are we going to fly, but we are also going to meet God in the air! The last statement of this verse says “we will be with the Lord forever”. Even in the initial manner of how we are going to meet Him, we are already lovingly welcomed with a sight unimaginable.

End Times

Those Who are Dead in Christ Will Rise

Speaking of bodies rising, 1 Thessalonians 4:16 gives us a very specific image as to what will occur for the dead when the end times arrive. There is an emphasis on the word “those who are dead in Christ”. Meaning, those who have accepted the love and sacrifice of the Lord will rise first. During this time, the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, rising all of the dead.

Just like believers are given the ability to fly with only their flesh and blood, those who are dead on Earth are interpreted to rise and soar as well. Not a single scar will be left unhealed. What’s even more beautiful to imagine is how when the dead in Christ rise, His believers are going to be in one massive place. If we already feel secured and fulfilled in events that worship Christ together, imagine being in one place together with all His believers. Truly, this is going to be one of the most beautiful views His believers are ever going to witness!

We Get New Bodies

The human body is limited. Meaning, it is prone to getting sick, others have deformities inside or out, and other people are experiencing daily inconveniences due to this. Here’s great news for those who will succeed in claiming their spot in Heaven. We are going to get transformed bodies. 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 describes that when the end time is here, we are going to be changed to become “incorruptible”. This word means that our bodies cannot die nor decay. Isn’t that such a wonderful thing to experience?

This Bible verse applies to the living and the dead of that time. Only with God can the bodies of those who are dead be transformed back to life fully! And to the living, their bodies are going to be refreshed back from zero. Nothing is going to hurt us anymore and we are going to be a hundred perfect safe, secured, and loved ones we succeed returning to God’s embrace. Isn’t that something to be excited about?

The Sight of the Lord

Saving the best for last, when the end times happen, we finally get to see the Lord. Titus 2:13 says that when that wonderful day happens, the Lord is going to be revealed. Imagine the grand celebration that is going to happen when the Lord’s people can finally gather to meet the God they trust and love. In the same manner, this is the time for the Creator to be united with His people forever. There will be peace, relief, and a sense of finally being home when this time reveals itself before us.

When you were a kid, did you experience being lost in a big department store? The feeling a child gets knowing that they are separated from their parents is no joke. You might feel anxious, scared, and of course, lost. This is the level of our existence on Earth for now. We tend to feel lost in the massive sphere that is the world. But, one day, these feelings will come no more as we finally get to see God.

Lessons Of The End Times

End Times

As you think about the End Times can be worrying. As believers, we tend to overthink about our past and the lapses we have done. While this is good being the first step for repentance, the hints of the Bible reveal a beautiful truth about the End Times. Sure, we are insufficient, flawed, and sometimes weak in different circumstances. But, do you know who isn’t? God isn’t! For us to be able to ascend when the time comes, we have to fill ourselves with acceptance and faith in God. We lack in so many ways; but, with Him, we become sufficient and worthy to secure a seat in His Kingdom.

Now that we know this, we also become recipients of great responsibility. If you encountered a lost child in the grocery store, weeping as he’s confused, would you help him find his way to his parents? Every second, we are heading towards the End Times and the beginning of eternal life. Think about your friends, families, and everyone you know. Wouldn’t you want to see them celebrate life without eternal punishment too? No one wants to be in hell but, not everyone leaps to do something about it. Share the Gospel and accept the Lord. In this way, the End Times won’t be a scary day but, the best day our existence can ever witness.

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