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Are Tarot Cards Allowed In Christianity? Are Tarot Cards Allowed In Christianity?

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Are Tarot Cards Allowed In Christianity?

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Tarot cards have become extremely popular over the past decade, especially in terms of online tarot card readings. To some people, tarot cards are all about entertainment. Some others try to find closure or perhaps some guidance regarding big decisions. But then, what does Christianity believe about tarot cards? Is there anything about tarot cards in the Bible?

What Are Tarot Cards?

 The origins of tarot cards go back to Italy around the 15th century. Initially, tarot cards were used for games only, but with time, they were associated with fortune telling. The deck is split in two, Major Arcana for big things and Minor Arcana for everyday challenges. Despite some associations in the Bible, the fact that tarot cards were invented after Christianity raises a series of question marks.

What Religion Are Tarot Cards Associated With?

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With most religions being around for thousands of years, tarot cards haven’t really been associated with any of them. It’s nearly impossible to do it, mostly because tarot cards have a heritage covering more cultures.

But with all these, some tarot reading experts implement elements from their own religious beliefs into their readings. Some others don’t mix them up, though. In terms of Christianity, many Christians believe that tarot cards are allowed, as long as their intentions are good.

What Does The Bible Say About Tarot Cards?

We’d realize that the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention anything about tarot cards because they came out way later after the Bible was written. However, the holy book of Christians warns about divination and fortune-telling. It also advises against checking the secrets of the future by using supernatural powers in a few different verses.

The scripture doesn’t recommend using advice from spiritual mediums. While tarot cards aren’t mentioned, some people may see tarot readers as spiritual mediums. In Biblical terms and for some, tarot readers can be associated with modern-day mediums.

 The Bible also advises against different forms of divination.

What Does The Church Say About Tarot Cards?

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Tarot cards came out as a basic game. It was harmless, and people did it for fun. With time, its role has changed a little, as the tarot card deck has become involved in something more powerful and with spiritual meanings. This is the main reason wherefore the church associates tarot cards with sin. Most commonly, tarot cards provide guidance regarding the future, and that’s exactly what the church advises against.

You’re not supposed to try to find out the future but believe in God, who actually holds your future. Ultimately, the real question is “Do you trust in our sovereign God to determine your life?”. The Bible is full of verses about trusting God – but do you trust His words?

On another note, the fact that the church admits that tarot cards can create a connection between the spiritual realm and the real world gives readers even more credibility. Sure, a tarot reading could go in the wrong direction as well, but chances are nothing bad will happen to you if you rely on a reputable advisor.

Should Christians Avoid Tarot Card Reading?

There is still a split debate about whether we as Christians should engage in/avoid tarot card reading. From some points of view, it’s fine, while others, it’s totally wrong. Ultimately, we are all given free will by the grace of God to decide what we choose to do in this life. Though there are no Bible verses that explicitly mention tarot card reading, we should still exercise wisdom and examine our own motivations. Why are we doing it? What underlying reasons for our curiosity? Is it necessary to do it? Allow God to reveal your heart to you.

Final words

The Bible does advise against divination, but tarot cards were invented around 1,500 years later, so it’s impossible to have them mentioned in the Bible. At this point, it depends on how you interpret things. If you see tarot cards as a form of divination, Christianity doesn’t recommend them. If you can understand that psychics are regular people with a few extra skills, tarot readings are perfectly fine. That said, flirting with temptation and engaging in activities where the devil can get a foothold on you is also not recommended.


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