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15 Unique Christian Gifts For Women 15 Unique Christian Gifts For Women

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15 Unique Christian Gifts For Women

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Christian gifts for women will inspire and motivate them to strengthen their faith in God. Find unique and perfect gifts that they’ll surely appreciate.

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Giving gifts is one way for us to show our love and appreciation to someone dear to us. Whether there’s a special occasion or even on simple days, we can take this as an opportunity for us to honor them. And as Christians, receiving gifts that will help us empower growth in our faith is something we’ll appreciate. So, if you’re planning to give a gift for a special woman in your life, you can find a lot of Christian gifts for women. You can also level-up your present with different unique Christian gifts and ideas that they’ll surely love. We can also encourage them to strengthen their faith and deepen their relationship with God with the help of our gifts. 

Christian Gifts for Women 

No matter what gift we are planning to give to our loved ones, as long as it’s from our hearts, they’ll surely love it. Yet, when we buy a present for them, we want it to be for the best. Of course, we want them to know that their presence in our lives is one of the greatest blessings God gave us. We want them to know that we love, understand, and appreciate their presence in our lives. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present, birthday surprise, appreciation gift, or any other occasion, you can always find one that is suitable for them.

And to help you ease your burden and pick the right gift, we list down some unique Christian gifts for women that you can choose from.

Bette’s Box of Blessings Christian Box Subscription

Christian Gifts for Women, Subscription Box

One of the best Christian gifts for women, Bette’s Box of Blessings Christian Box Subscription is a great gift idea for faith strengthening. This monthly subscription box comes with premium all-occasion greeting cards, gift items, new worship music, devotionals, and Bible study books. Another good thing to consider in buying this gift is that each box has a faith-based theme that is inspired by the scripture. Also, they’ll surely love the unique shareable gifts related to that month’s theme. Aside from bringing happiness, you can also help them experience the presence of God more. Thus, this gift will help them grow and share their spiritual journey that will last for a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Encourage someone dear to you with this amazing and meaningful Christian box subscription!

Epiphaneia Small Amazing Grace Wood Music Box 

Music Box, Amazing Grace

Epiphaneia Small Amazing Grace Wood Music Box is a unique Christian gift that you can give. This cute classical musical box plays a full verse melody of Amazing Grace. Aside from the popular music, it also reminds us of God’s word in Ephesians 2:8-9, “For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is a gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.”. Thus, this unique gift will not only bring wonderful melody pleasing to ears, but it will also impart spiritual hope. 

This Epiphaneia tiny beautiful old-fashioned, vintage look carved wooden music box is a great gift for any occasion. A classic music box that expresses a statement of faith, this music box is definitely a must-add to your gift choices. Many Christian women will appreciate this gift, especially those who are into vintage, classic stuff! 

Promises From God for Women Cards 

Prayer Cards, Christian Gift

God’s word and promises give us encouragement and motivation as we start our day. Thus, this Promises From God cards for Women is an ideal gift we can give to someone important to us. Since we want them to feel they’re loved and appreciated, giving them this gift is a great idea. It can give them strength and security. The box contains fifty-one playing-sized cards with different printed inspirational messages on both sides. Also, the cards are packed in a sturdy, lidded, beautifully designed box that you can keep or bring anywhere. Aside from the meaningful messages, the set has also uniquely designed artwork and message themes perfect for every woman. Even if you’re not physically with them, you can give them inspiring words with the help of this small yet meaningful gift.

Find Rest: A Women’s Devotional For Lasting Peace in a Busy Life

Daily Devotional

With the world’s busyness, many of us can’t find time to rest and be at peace for a while. And there are moments where we’re not only tired physically but also emotionally and even spiritually. Many women are experiencing this tiredness every single day. Hence, Find Rest: A Women’s Devotional For Lasting Peace In A Busy Life, is one of the best Christian gifts for women. Written by Shaunti Feldhahn, this devotional is a great help for women who work hard to keep all things together. In this devotional, we can find rest and comfort that we need even in a short period. So, if you know a woman who is getting exhausted by her demanding schedules and commitments, this is a perfect gift for her. 

God promises that in His presence, we can find peace, comfort, security, and rest for our souls. So, for all the superwomen out there, they all need to rest. They need a quick break away from this busy world. So for sure, giving them this devotional will bring smiles on their faces and gratitude for your thoughtfulness. 

Prayer Journals for Women 

Prayer Journal Christian Gifts for Women

With its minimalist design, this simple yet classy journal is perfect for women in all seasons. The Prayer Journal for Women is a beautiful gold spiral bound and hardback journal that comes in multiple colors.  The journal has sections that you can use for prayer requests, things you are grateful for, and a large lined space for other purposes. Aside from that, there is beautiful hand-lettered scripture art where you can be inspired and reflect on your answered prayers. This journal is perfect for bible study notes, sermon notes, small group updates, or inspirational quotes. Hence, this item is ideal to help a woman dear to us draw into their prayer and quiet time. So make sure you add this powerful journal to your list of unique and amazing Christian gifts for women. 

BlankieGram Faith Throw Blanket 

Inspirational Blanket

For Christians, having someone cover you in their prayers, asking God to bless and protect you makes us happy. Yet, our next item is interesting as you can cover someone with God’s word and promises… literally. BlankieGram Faith Throw Blanket is one of the unique Christian gifts for women that you can give to your family and friends. Instead of sending the typical flowers or greeting cards, you can give them this soft, cozy, and snuggly blanket. Aside from that, the blanket’s inspiring words decoration is a game-changer in gift ideas. Made of the finest, high-quality materials, this soft and ultra-comfortable blanket is a perfect partner to warm up both body and soul. So, send a soft and warm hug for your special person and cover them with inspiring words with this faith blankie!

Stonebriar Inspirational Psalm Stones 

Inspirational Psalm Stones

Next on our list of unique Christian gifts for women is the Stonebriar Inspirational Psalm Stones. A set of these Psalm stones comes with six different scriptures, which includes Psalms 16:8, Psalms 37:4, Psalms 91:2, Psalms 136:26, Psalms 118:24, and Psalm 118:14. Created with artisan style craftsmanship, rich finishes, and bold colors, these stones will automatically match to any room. The inspirational bible verses on the stones are engraved carefully and meticulously, so it will surely last for a long time. So, in case your family or friends need a little encouragement, these Psalm stones are a unique gift to consider. 

Give Thanks Swirled Marble Christian Water Bottle 

Christian Water Bottle, Christian Gifts for Women

Like how we drink water daily, we need God’s word for us to have the strength and survive. Thus, this Give Thanks Swirled Marble Christian Water Bottle is another great gift item you can give. It features a great verse from Psalm 107:1 that we should remember. It says, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good His love endures forever”. With its pastel design on a pastel marble swirl background, many women will love this water bottle for their daily outdoor use. And aside from getting refreshed by the water, they are also being reminded of how good God’s love is. Thus, this bible verse can help us quench our spiritual thirst. It uses a double vacuum insulated technology that keeps the bottle heat or cold. So make sure to get one of these cool water bottles and be reminded of God’s unconditional love. 

Qrupoad Women Faith T-Shirt 

Christian Gifts for Women

Of course, fashion is part of a woman’s everyday life. So, it is a great opportunity to share their faith with all people around them. As they say, we can make our fashion into a declaration too. Hence, this Qrupoad Women Faith T-Shirt is one of the ideal Christian gifts for women you can purchase. This simple yet stylish shirt has a religious cross with the word faith designed suitable for Christian women. It is great to wear as a casual street style outfit paired with denim pants or shorts. Made of cotton and comfortable material, this shirt is ultra-comfortable, fit, and fashionable. With various colors and styles to choose from, you can pick up the best one that matches the preference of the person close to you. 

MEMGIFT Cross Bangle Bracelet 

Christian Gifts for Women

Encourage your loved ones with this MEMGIFT Cross Bangle Bracelet. This stylish bracelet doesn’t only match any outfit, but it also reminds us of the wonderful verse from Proverbs 31:25. It is inevitable for women to feel discouraged or worried about their future, so this accessory is a perfect reminder for them. As they wear on every occasion, it also reminds them that their future is secure in God’s hands. So if you want to give them a simple yet meaningful gift, this one must surely be on your list. 

Big 40-Pack Christian Stickers

Christian Stickers

Are you planning to buy a gift for someone who loves journaling and using cute stickers for decorations? Then one of the unique Christian gifts for women you can give to your special someone is this Big 40-Pack Christian Stickers. It has 40 various sets of cute stickers that will bring a smile and inspiration to the person close to you. Perfect for notebooks, laptops, water bottles, hydro flask, and many more, they’ll sure have fun using these stickers. Aside from that, they can also find inspiration and motivation as they’re reminded of God’s promises. 

Word Search Bible Puzzle Book: Psalms and Hymns 

Bible Puzzle Book

Solving puzzles or playing mind games are some fun and interesting recreational activities that we can do during our spare time. So, one of the unique Christian gifts for women that you can give is this Word Search Bible Puzzle Book: Psalms and Hymns. Created by Janet Teas, this large-print biblical puzzle is ideal for those women who want to do a different activity that can exercise their minds. Aside from that, the puzzle also contains significant words from well-known Psalm verses. So, they can still learn and understand some verses from the bible. It has 70-themed word search puzzles with an easy-to-read 20-joint preface. This is an ideal gift for all women who want to have fun and enhance their thinking skills. All bible verses mentioned in the puzzle can help to encourage and strengthen their faith and deepen their relationship with God. 

Christian Wooden Keepsake Box 

Christian Gifts for Women

One of the great Christian gifts for women, Christian Wooden Keepsake Box is a unique item you should add to your list! This unique shadow box is ideal to use as a decoration. Suitable for any interior, they can place it on their bedroom, workspace, or their favorite place. They can keep and preserve all-important photos, memorabilia, awards, collectibles, concert or plane tickets, certificates, and more! Made of high-quality MDF wood and semi-reinforced glass, it will protect and preserve the items they keep inside. Other than that, it also has a bible verse that will encourage her as she looks at it. Hence, many women will surely appreciate and love this amazing gift! 

Slimline Flexcover Pink Faux Leather Journal

Christian, Pink Leather Journal

This classy Slimline Flexcover Pink Faux Leather Journal is one of the best Christian gifts for women. With its lemonade pink color and embellished details, they will love to use this journal as part of their daily routine. Aside from that, the cover is beautifully embossed with a floral leaf wreath encircling the bible verse from Jeremiah 29:11. Thus, it also serves as a daily reminder that God is in control, and he has great plans for us. So, if you think your loved ones need security in the path she’s currently taking, then this journal is perfect for her. 

Juvale Christian Cross Magnetic Bookmarks

Christian Gifts for Women

Perfect for journals, books, devotionals, and more, these Juvale Christian Cross Magnetic Bookmarks are another unique Christian gift for women. These assorted pretty magnetic bookmarks feature cross die-cut with floral prints on one side and magnets on the other. Aside from that, the bookmarks include versatile motivational words that will encourage them. These cute and meaningful bookmarks will bring a smile on their faces as they get to be reminded of God’s grace. So, make sure you include this item to your list of unique Christian gifts for women. For sure, your book lover friends or family members will appreciate this stuff and your thoughtfulness. 

A Unique Gift That Comes From Our Hearts… 

Gift, Christian Gift

From accessories, decorations, devotionals, books, clothes, and more, there are various Christian gifts for women that you can choose from. Because we want them to know how much we love and appreciate them, we want to give the best and unique that they will like. Yet, whether or not it’s expensive, all special women in our lives will appreciate our gifts as long as it’s from our hearts. Aside from giving these items, one of the best gifts we can give them is to help and guide them more on their faith and relationship with God. After all, knowing our loved ones found love and security in God’s presence makes us at peace. 

If you’re looking for other gift ideas, we also have this list of the most fashionable necklaces that you can also check. And to help you find the right gift for a person important to your heart, you can seek God and ask for discernment. 

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